Back to Normal (?)

I should have never, never  assumed that I would be blogging the last few weeks.  My apologies for stringing all of us along in the hope that I would find minutes together where the entire family was happy at a time I had available brain cells for putting together sentences.  Hahahaha.

Devo’s parents left Wednesday morning after a relaxed three and a half week visit.  I especially enjoyed our day at the beach (and got lots of great pictures).  I think my favorite times, though, were the evenings when we would eat dinner on the back patio in the cool of the evening.  The girls would play and we would just…sit.  And enjoy the birds, the girls, the air, little bits of conversation.  I’ve never spent very much time just sitting, but I’m beginning to find it addicting and refreshing.  And then, lo and behold, we discovered we can see the fireworks from our patio…what a great Fourth of July!

So now we’re trying to get back to normal life and normal routines.  Not that this week is normal.  It’s VBS, biggest week of the year.  (Two hundred volunteers and who knows how many children this week).  Wild times.

Important updates:

1) Yes, Levi is still sleeping 8 hours at a time.  Bless his little baby self.

2) Yes, we are still house hunting.  And it’s starting to cause me emotional stress.

3) Yes, I’m still reading.  Of course!  Latest book is The First Paul by Borg and Crossan.  And timely, as the VBS theme is Rome and Paul.

4) Yes, the meal plan is working.  But it doesn’t work unless you go grocery shopping.  Friday farmer’s market, here I come!

5) No, I have not found a new purse yet.  But I’ve been looking faithfully.  And carrying my purse in my hand.

6) Yes, I have been speaking more confidently.  When I can get a word in edgewise.


4 thoughts on “Back to Normal (?)

  1. Glad to see you back, specially since I haven’t been good at communicating. Miss chatting. Love you! Bless Levi for sleeping!

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