Take the Key and Lock It Up

I’ve been having a recurring daydream recently.  It’s a spin off of an old favorite daydream – the one where there is an invention that gives little people a little zap when they take “inside toys” outside (where they are muddied and ruined and possibly lost in the jungle).  I think this would be a great invention and would install it on all doors and windows.

But my new daydream involves locks and keys.  Oh, how I would love to lock cupboards and closets and drawers!  I can just see myself, like a nice Mrs. Medlock, benevolently roaming the halls with my keys.

Why do I want the hassle of locking and unlocking everything in my house? Because, by gum, I can’t keep up with the marauding children!

It’s really no use to put things away properly if someone is going to come by and take it all out!

Or maybe I should install sirens on everything.  Opening the closet to take out yet another dress?  Woowooowooowoo!  Mommy Alert!  Mommy Alert!  Save the Closet!  Save the Organization!  Save the Mommy’s Time!  Save the Mommy’s Sanity!

But I think locks would be easier.


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