Walk Like a…Mommy?

As I stumbled through Target’s parking lot the other day, I came to a rather rueful realization:

I can’t walk anymore.

By myself, that is.  I have no gait, no stride.  When left without a baby, a stroller, a hand to hold, a grocery cart, or a large bag…I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’ve got this hilarious hiccup-y, stutter-y walk.

I know Mommy Brain is supposed to disappear and Functional Brain is supposed to reappear by the time your youngest is 5 (oh, goodness, we want another baby…so let’s see, that gives me seven more years of Mommy Brain, yikes).  How many years before the Mommy Walk disappears?


One thought on “Walk Like a…Mommy?

  1. FOUR kids?? 🙂 You are a brave woman! I love how you put this idea into words. I totally feel self-conscious and weird whenever I’m alone. Definitely got the mommy-walk. I need a car-seat to carry and a hand to hold! Love my kiddos. =)

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