Cheese and Bread

It’s been a busy day for the busy bees.  Started out the morning row-row-rowing their boats.  Or maybe they were tut-tut-it-looks-like-raining.

tut tut it looks like rain

On our way to Target to check out their bread machines (I decided I needed one and did all my research beforehand), we stopped by Community Services to check out their junque.  I was really looking for plates and picture frames, but instead I came away with…a bread machine.  A ZOJIRUSHI bread machine.

Now, two days ago, that would have meant nothing to me.  But after doing my consumer checks online, I learned that Zojirushi bread machines are top of the line.  For example, I was planning on getting a $55 Sunbeam, only giving a cursory glance at the $215 Zojirushi.

I got it for $5.


And it works.

Now, to be sure, I think it’s an old model.  Possibly an extremely old model.

But hey, I just ‘saved’ $50, have the clean conscience of “re-using”, and I have a brand name appliance.  Not too shabby.

So we made an inaugural loaf of whole wheat bread and ate it all with jam for dessert.

I’m leaving the handwritten $5.00 price tag on the top just to make me feel lucky.  And resourceful.


There were lots of breaks for Baby Mauling.  As usual.  I tell him, “You shall suffer many things…”  Biblical quotes come in really handy.

mauling sisterAnd while we were at Community Services this morning, our friendly and enterprising postman pulled over and handed us my Cheesemaking Kit.  So we stopped by the store for a gallon of milk on our way home.

And then we made cheese.  See the cute box the kit came in?


The box said that you can make mozzarella in +-30 minutes.  They were right.  We made it in +30 minues.  🙂  (More like 50, but it was my first time and I had lots of…help.  The Smaller Help likes to play in the whey.)

So we mixed citric acid in the milk, heated it up (using the first non-digital thermometer the girls had ever seen), added the vegetable rennet, let it sit, sliced the curd, stirred it while heating it again, poured off the whey, microwaved the cheese, and then stretched it like taffy (not that I’ve ever made taffy, but someone is always making it in L.M. Montgomery’s books so it feels familiar).  Then we shaped it into strings (for string cheese), three small balls, and one log.

The curds and whey was the funnest part for me.  Great time for repeating Little Miss Muffet.  How many children really know what she was eating while she sat on her tuffet?  Mine do now. Also a good time for thinking fondly of baby spit up.

And it tastes good!  (Not the baby spit up, the mozzarella).

The kit has enough stuff to make cheese 30 times (can make ricotta also).  And I paid $35 including shipping and handling.  Plus $5 for the organic milk.  So two logs of fresh mozzarella for, what about $6-7?  Plus all the fun (and education) of making it fresh and local.


It has finally cooled off enough that the girls could play outside this evening.  In the sprinkler.  With discarded clothing.

And the day’s activities apparently wore them out because they were sleeping before the sun went down.

girls sleeping


5 thoughts on “Cheese and Bread

  1. And, on top of all this busyness, you let your tired husband take a long 2 hour nap after lunch so that he could play tennis in the evening for 3 hours! What a mom and what a wife!!

  2. what fun!! Love the cheesemaking fun!! Sounds great! Where did you get the kit from? So does the mozerella melt? I’ve made a feta style cheese before. It’s really easy. Just bring a gal. of milk to a boil, add 1/2 c. lemon juice. let set for 15 minutes and then strain through cheesecloth. add salt and chives, garlic, whatever. It’s really yummy and easy, but I am loving the sounds of this mozerella! Nice price too! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great day. Your kids are soooo cute and the baby is ADORABLE. Love babies. And you want another one too?! I am impressed!

  3. Wow…I aspire to be like you…I always wanted 4 kids too! The plan was a boy then a girl…wait 4 years…then another boy and another girl. Ah well…taking care of Abby takes the energy of 4 kids. 😉

    I love your blog!

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