Thoughts on Housecleaning Day – which was yesterday

1) Flylady suggests that for every 45 minutes of housework, you rest for 15 minutes.  Brilliant strategy for us SHE’s (sidetracked home executives).

But obviously Flylady does not have small children.  If she did, she’d know that the times when all children are happily occupied (read: sleeping) is precious and we gotta make hay while the sun shines.

2) We acquired our first small box of real Legos (not duplos) last week.  After all, what would a childhood be like without legos?

Accordingly, Legos were scattered as to the four corners of the earth.  As befits true Lego playing.  But Mommy rounded them all up and put them away, only to be gotten out when supervised by a conscious adult. (I’ve started taking omega-3s to try to qualify for being one of the conscious adults).

I read the niftiest idea for legos and tried it out a few months ago on another play set with many small pieces.  Lay out a blanket, play on the blanket, then when the time comes to put them away – instead of picking all the pieces up one by one, you lift the blanket and siphon the pieces into their box.  Well, when your hand twitches violently at just the wrong second this idea doesn’t work so well and you end up having to put it all away piece by piece anyhow.  But hopefully I develop steadier hands in our future Lego Life.

3) I mopped the floor…just in case you were wondering.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Housecleaning Day – which was yesterday

  1. haha!! You are so funny. Yep, when you’ve got the moment, GO for it with a vengence. Ah… such is a mother’s life. So, what kind of Omega 3’s are you taking? And, are they helping??

  2. Ha, I’m taking one of my girls new Gummy Fish omega 3s. Which is just half the dose – for children. And I’ve only taken it for one day. Haven’t noticed a difference yet. 🙂 But I’ve READ a lot of good things about it.

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