Disney Princesses, Be Gone!

I did it.  I just took off my two most viewed posts.

Disney Princesses got 46,509 hits since I posted it on May 25, 2008.

Disney Princesses – 23,976 hits.

Can you believe it?

If you googled “Disney Princesses” and clicked “images”, my blog was the first up.  It got off the list for awhile, and then came back up first.  And then I stopped checking stats and forgot all about it. Until tonight.

Being that I get comments like “i luv princesses”, I don’t think that it’s really pulling in the readership I’m aiming towards.  You know, like, thinking people.

So, off it goes. Let’s all say bye-bye now.

(I still think they were good posts, so I’ll put them back on after awhile and take off the link of the picture.)

But if you’re interested, here’s an article my friend Trisha put us on to about Disney Princesses…for the thinking people.


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