Playing Catch-Up

I’m having a terrible time finding time to blog (remember, blogging takes time when the family is otherwise occupied – read: sleeping – and I have available brain power to form sentences.  Also required are two hands for typing.  I cannot blog one-handed.  But I can facebook.).

Levi, who has had been sleeping like an angel, all of a sudden … stopped.  VBS ended, we went back to a regular routine, and he stopped sleeping (so much for regular routines, huh?).  Being up every hour or two all night every night really makes a difference on how well I function during the day.  Profound, I know.

And then, in this last week, he started sleeping again.  Glory, glory, GLORY!  But, that means that he’s been going to bed past nine.  Apparently to sleep well, he needs to go to bed late.  (Which doesn’t bode well for tonight…he went to sleep before 8, rats).

And I can’t sit and string together sentences when I have a darling baby sitting next to me wanting to laugh and chat and shriek.  It would just be wrong.

So there you have it.

So I’ve been accumulating blogging material for a week, and I’m going to lump it all in here at once.

1)  Have you ever read the book Olivia?  You should. I see she even as her own website, as befits such a wondrous pig.

2) Been decluttering.  All the furniture I’ve accumulated thinking that I’ll find a use for it “someday”.  Even though I don’t like it.  Lamps, tables, benches.  I’ve decided not to keep things I don’t like.  We’ll either go without or buy something I do like.  I think that 6 and a half years of married life merits having things that I like, not just things that work.

3) Speaking of decluttering, I don’t know how to declutter my digital pictures.  I’ve finally become hardened enough to delete truly bad photos.  But how do I sort through the rest of them? I like at least a few showing casual life, ones that aren’t good photos.  And I like good photos.  But we take so many, there are infinite small changes of expression on our kids faces that I want to preserve! What do I keep, what do I delete?  Help!

4) The girls’ current favorite play is to hide in closets with flashlights.  They like migrating from closet to closet.  So our hallways are currently filled with things that belong in closets – vacuum, laundry baskets, tricycles.  The thing about closets is that it distorts their voices – I can never figure out where they are by listening…I have to peer into each closet before finding them.

5) Amelie’s newest nickname is Lucky.  Or Lakhi, like the boy-chasing sister on Bride and Prejudice.  Lia is the resident Bestower of Nicknames.  I should have been recording all the nicknames Amelie has been given (and answers to) in her short life thus far.  She was Lala for awhile.  The most enduring nickname, however, remains “Joseph”.  And Lia is “Mary”.  And Baby Jesus is whatever lucky stuffed animal, doll, infant brother, or rice sock heating pad is most readily available.

6) Our pool has finally opened.  I could say some harsh things about a pool that is closed from April to July 31, but I will refrain.  We’ve been swimming almost every day.  When we went swimming for the first time this summer while Devo’s parents were here, Amelie had to be with someone.  With arms and legs wrapped in a death grip around said person.

Within four swims, she was swimming underwater.  Now our  biggest problem is getting her to say “Are you ready?” before she leaps off the steps and swims.  Can’t take our eye off of that one when she doesn’t have her swimming tube on.

Lia is working on swimming all the way across the pool (she can do it now pretty confidently…the short way) and diving deep to pick things up off the bottom of the pool.

Levi loves to swim, too, in his size 12 month swim trunks (hazard of very round belly and very fat legs).  I call him my manatee…yes, like Barbara.  So we have two fish and a manatee.


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