A Year of Books

I’ve reached the end of a full year of recording the books I read.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten to write down a book here and there, but for the most part it is an accurate list. This does not include books started but not finished.

Here are some stats and comments on my reading this year.

I read 84 books this year.  That means that I’ve read one book every 4.3 days.  On average.

I read 27 books for the first time and re-read 57 books.  Half of the new books are youth books that someone gave me for my children’s future reading, and half are from the local library that I started visiting about five months ago, with three or four newly purchased books.

I only read four books twice.  This surprised me…I feel like I re-read books all the time.

26 could be categorized as what my college friends and I labeled “Christian smut”.  1/3

3 theological books.  I would like to point out that I’ve read much more theology, but only pertinent chapters out of books I’d read before.  <grin>

4 Mrs. Pollifax books.  Mrs. Pollifax books are a part of my family psyche…to be read at times of stress or at times of purposeful relaxation.  I see that my four readings were spread out through the year.

Devo and I read 1 book together.  And a half.

Best (New) Book I Read This Year: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Hands down.  Life changing book, and entertaining besides.  With runners up A Walk in the Woods, The First Christmas, and Rain of Gold.

Worst (New) Book I Read This Year: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy.  Ironically, I read it concurrently with the best book of the year.

So here are my year’s worth of books. (Books in italics are new books).

84. A Journey By Chance. Sally John.

83. By the Shores of Silver Lake. Wilder.

82. The First Paul. Borg & Crossan.

81. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Kingsolver.

80. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Lathan.

79. A Walk in the Woods. Bryson. (with Devo)

78. Small Wonder. Kingsolver.

77. Voice in the Wind. Rivers.

76. Mark of the Lion. Rivers.

75. Nobody’s Princess. Friesner.

74. Pilgrim’s Problems. Haffner.

73. Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. Gilman.

72. Cold Sassy Tree. Burns.

71. Secret Garden. Burnett.

70. Back Home Again. Carlson.

69. The Gardens of Covington. Medlicott

68. Anne of Avonlea. Montgomery.

67. Nun in the Closet. Gilman.

66. Mistress Pat. Montgomery.

65. Pat of Silver Bush. Montgomery.

64. Anne of the Island. Montgomery.

63. Hypnobirthing. Mongan.

62. Upside Down Inside Out. M. McInerney.

61. Spiritual Midwifery. Gaskin.

60. Baby Catcher. Vincent.

59. Sarah, Plain and Tall. MacLachlan.

58. Uh-oh… Fulghum.

57. Love Comes Softly. Oke.

56. Love’s Enduring Promise. Oke.

55. Love’s Unending Legacy. Oke

54. When Calls the Heart. Oke.

53. The Hawk and the Jewel. Wick.

52. Every Living Thing. Herriot.

51. Granny Brand: Her Story. Wilson.

50. Wings of the Morning. Wick.

49. Amy Carmichael. ?

48. Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station. Gilman.

47. Return to Jerusalem. Parker.

46. Frangipani. Vaite.

45. Oh, Baby. Baer.

44. Pride and Prejudice. Austen.

43. The Spirit of Loveliness. Barnes.

42. Bringing Tuscany Home. Mayes.

41. Under the Tuscan Sun. Mayes

40. Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish. Gilman.

39. Anne’s House of Dreams. Montgomery.

38. Anne of the Island. Montgomery.

37. Anne of Avonlea. Montgomery.

36. Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery.

35. Love, Ruby Lavendar. Wiles.

34. Torey’s Prayer. Bateman.

33. Gathering of Memories. Wick.

32. The Long Road Home. Wick.

31. Song for Silas. Wick.

30. A Place Called Home. Wick.

29. Belle Teal. Martin.

28. Thale’s Folly. Gilman.

27. Baby Catcher. Peggy Vincent.

26. The First Christmas. Borg & Crossan. (half with Devo)

25. Flirting with Monasticism. Sloan.

24. Scarlet Feather. Binchy.

23. Trapp Family Singers. Trapp.

22. Drums of Shelomoh. Lehman.

21. The Restoration. Hake.

20. Sophie’s Heart. Wick.

19. Love’s Unfolding Dream.Oke.

18. The Long Winter.Wilder.

17. Love’s Enduring Legacy. Oke.

16. Love’s Abiding Joy. Oke.

15. Love’s Long Journey. Oke.

14. Love’s Enduring Promise. Oke.

13. Love Comes Softly. Oke.

12. Surviving the Applewhites. Tolan.

11. Millicent Min, Girl Genius.Lisa Yee.

10. The Ashwater Experiment.Koss.

9. On the Banks of Plum Creek. Wilder.

8. Little House on the Prairie. Wilder.

7. Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. Gilman.

6. Understood Betsy. Canfield Fisher.

5. The Hawk & the Jewel. Wick.

4. Oh, Baby. Judy Baer.

3. Rain of Gold. Villasenor.

2. Quaker Summer. Samson.

1. Persuasion. Austen.


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