I Think it’s Dead

A mother-daughter snafu brought the early and untimely demise of my ipod this morning.

My beloved ipod, biggest Mother’s Day present ever.  I expressed a wish to easily play music so my daughters and I could dance together, and they showed up with an ipod.

Which I left it in their room after a nap-time story listening session.

She knows she’s not supposed to touch it, but apparently the temptation was too great for a very small girl.  So she played with it in bed.  Under the covers.

Which I washed this morning.

(How can you not see a silver ipod when stripping watermelon-like striped sheets?)

Devo found it in the washer.  And it’s dead.

Is it morally right to mourn for an inanimate piece of metal? I feel misgivings.

Good bye, ipod.  RIP.  <sniff>


3 thoughts on “I Think it’s Dead

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