I noticed it’s been more than six months since my birthday, so I thought I’d revisit my birthday goals and resolutions and see how things are going.  Just for the fun of it.

1. Have a baby.  Naturally, at home, in water.  In April. Check, check, check, and check!

2. Go on more dates with my husband this year than in the last four years combined. Okay, so this isn’t going so well.  We got in several before Levi was born and were well on our way to accomplishing this.  But we only went out once when my mom was here and then went for a few late night walks when Devo’s mom was here.  Still not comfortable leaving the Infant behind…I’m thinking that late night trips to the jacuzzi will be just about right.

3. Acquire House Beautiful’s The Home Book and bedside tables and lamps. Thanks, Mom for the Home Book!  Got the lamps.  Despairing of ever finding bedside tables.

4. Put all my printed photos into albums. Got the albums for the last bunch and haven’t looked at them since.

5.  Finish my wedding photo albums.  Maybe. Looking like probably not.

6. Potty train Amelie. So I wanted to wait until after Levi was born and well on into babyhood before tackling this issue.  Well, I’m ready now and our family wallet is ready now.  But Amelie is not.  She likes her diapers.  She doesn’t want to wear panties.  She’s “liddle”.  When I asked her yesterday who was bigger, her or Levi, she said that they were both little.  So that’s that, I suppose.

7.  Bake Oatmeal Streusel Cookies. Yum, I’d forgotten about these.  I’m thinking Friday night dessert.

8.  Meet financial goals. Now, what were those again?  Can’t remember, didn’t blog about them.  🙂  I’m sure we’re doing not too badly and not too well.  Which isn’t a bad place to be.

9.  Prepare for and enjoy a visit from my Mom, my sister, and my grandparents.  In June. Check!

10.  Prepare for and enjoy a visit from Devo’s Mom and Dad (and hopefully a brother or two).  In June and July. Check! Devo’s brothers didn’t come this summer, but we just heard today that the US Embassy okayed his younger brother, Emrich, to come visit in September.  We’re really excited…Lia’s already planning what dress to wear.

11.  Have one children’s choir session and concert. Still working out the details on this.  I’m thinking October.

12.  Go on a 12 week sabbatical to Guam.  October, November, and December. Actually, it’s going to be Nov, Dec, Jan.  We leave November 4.  Maybe I should start thinking about packing…

13.  Spend my 7th Anniversary in the hotel where we spent our wedding night. Remind me to take the milk pump and a truckload of courage to leave my babies OVERNIGHT!

14.  Start homeschooling Lia. Definitely homeschooling this year.  No specific curriculum, just a list of things to know by the end of the year.  Any thoughts on the matter are welcome!

15.  Begin Montessori activities with Amelie. Need to work on this one.

16.  Learn new music.  Which means…practice. I’ve got my “recital” repertoire chosen.  Now to practice more than once every three months.

17.  Buy a house. No news is…no news.

18.  Learn to watch my children 100% of the time. I’m taking a more relaxed approach to this.  Which means that I’m still striving for the goal…but it I don’t do it I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  Life happens.

19.  Take more (and better) photos of my children. Doing so-so.  Won’t get much better unless we move to a house that is lighter than the present cave-like situation.

20.  Begin doing yoga at home.  At least a little. Discovered fluffy carpet is not conducive to yoga.  Putting this off for another year, another flooring type.

21.  Learn to quickly and accurately discern my children’s little hearts. Definitely doing better on this.

22.  Make a new friend. Sandy!!!  She lives a few doors down and drops in often, bringing 20 month old Nathaniel to play with the girls (or be mauled by the girls, take your pick).  She even comes back after seeing me in very very insane (and possibly ugly) moments.  I’m looking forward to the future when we eventually get to complete our half-finished stories …

23. Listen more carefully and compassionately to other people. Still needs work.  I’m having a hard time finding the extra brain availability to listen when I see people.  See, I pretty much only see people at church and that’s not my most calm and collected part of the week.

24.  Become less cynical about…church. Hey, this is going great!

25.  Live joyfully. I’ve noticed that sleep really helps with this one.

26.  Redeem housekeeping, in theory and in practice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I’ve made enough progress on this for one year.

27.  Find new dreams. Hmmmm.

28.  And last, but not least, Less of me, more of Him. Glad this is called a “walk”, not a “destination”.


2 thoughts on “Half-Birthday

  1. Love seeing the progress!! So many of your goals are complete already! 🙂 Can I steal your idea again? My half-birthday is coming up in a couple weeks…

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