A Celebration of the Big 501

Apparently I missed yesterday’s big milestone…my 500th post!  So, instead, we’ll celebrate the 501st post.

Hello, my name is Leilani and I am a recovering perfectionist.

Wow, 500 times I’ve clicked “publish” and not gone back to delete the post 30 seconds later.  I think that is significant.

I thought I’d celebrate by asking something of you dear, dear people – the people who’ve stuck with me through 500 (or less) posts.

So this is what I’m thinking…

I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me the following things…

#1 Where in the world are you?  Guam? South Africa? Florida?  North Dakota?

and then, if you have another moment or two…

#2 How did you find my blog?

and if you have yet another moment and some available memory…

#3 What is one of your favorite posts? (Youtube videos count.  If you don’t remember the exact title or the exact content, for heaven’s sake, don’t go looking!  Unless you’re in the mood to browse, that is.  Otherwise, just jot down a few of the words or thoughts that you remember from it.)

Happy 501, everyone!  May the worst of the next 501 be the best of the last 501!


6 thoughts on “A Celebration of the Big 501

  1. Happy 501

    Don’t know when I started reading, but I sure miss the chatter when you are too busy with little people.

    Much love.

  2. Let’s see… Washington State. Through Laura’s blog. I don’t remember. I simply like to see another mom articulating what I go through and how you might handle it. I enjoy your writing.

  3. Washington State!

    Tim told me about it…;)

    I like the posts about your kiddos and anecdotes about your life. You have a gift for writing! I smile a bunch while I’m reading your posts…

  4. South Africa

    You told me.

    Enjoy reading all of them. Even enjoy re-reading some! Enjoy video clips of the children most!

  5. Alaska. Found it from the tag of your e-mail. Love most of them- they help me feel in touch with you when I am bad at e-mail.

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