One for the money, two for the show

We’ve been hit.  Devo’s down and out for the count.  Amelie spiked a 101.8 fever in less than fifteen minutes while I was on the phone with my mom.  Levi can’t decide whether he wants to run a low grade or not.  Lia is jealous of Amelie’s dye-free motrin.  I’m sucking down any and all home remedies for immunity boosting.

Yup, we’ve got the flu.

I hope it’s the swine flu…my mom was telling me that swine flu is only like a three-day-er, while influenza A lasts much longer.  Or something.

Devo and I don’t get truly sick very often and kinda sick only occasionally, so I guess we’re due for some illness.  Glad it’s before his brother comes in September.

I spent the morning stocking up on essentials like diapers and tillamook cheddar, washing dishes, getting the laundry *under control*, picking up the random debris.  Just in case I’m the next one to fall victim to viral droplet inhalation.

I think this is all my fault.  (Apparently I’m very superstitious this way).  A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I told Devo that the next time I get sick, I’m expecting to take a regular sick day…just like any other hard-working person gets to do.  Which means that he’d have to stay home from work and do ‘my job’.  Well, what happens if I get sick now?  I see my dreams for a day “off” relaxing in bed like the Sick Queen of Sheba falling by the wayside…


6 thoughts on “One for the money, two for the show

  1. HAH! in your dreams, lady! Whenever I’m sick, unless I am near death (of course extreme, but you get the point) I am up and “around” with kids climbing all over me. lol

  2. Haha — that’s hilarious cause I was just talking to Tim about how we women never get “sick days”…we just have to plow through. And now we’re sick with colds. No more talking about it!!

  3. Hehehe. Well what a coincidence. I was also off sick this week, but with sinusitis. I too wasn’t fortunate enough to take off. I had to work from home most of the time. Just can’t seem to ever escape those project deadline! At least everybody should be 100% healthy when I come and visit you guys 🙂

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