Still Kickin’

We haven’t managed to convince Amelie to let up on smothering Levi in love…ooey gooey huggy buggy kissy kissy love.  Indeed, the mere suggestion breaks her heart.  Half of me thinks that he’s surrounded by it anyways, so why not just go right on ahead.  This afternoon, as she was bestowing some unauthorized kisses, Devo and I tried to decide if she was bathing him in infection or affection or an ambiguous combination of the two.

I definitely feel as though I’ve bathed in infection.  I’m headed straight for a hot bath as soon as I’m done here.  Twenty minutes in 110 degree bath water should kill most of the germs, right?  Certainly is more appealing than slathering myself with antibacterial handwash.

Devo is on a slow upswing.  Thankfully the flu he got is only one bad day before starting the slow climb back to normalcy.

Both Lia and Amelie have been running low-grade fevers.  Enough to occasionally merit the prize of a dose of tylenol or motrin.  But no other symptoms.

Until this evening when Amelie’s eyes began running.  The boogies are not copious.  But I feel a yet coming on…not copious yet.  Levi had these weird eye boogies two nights ago, but after I washed them with no-tear shampoo and massaged the tear ducts in the middle of the night, it mostly cleared up – just a little occasionally.  I did the same for Amelie tonight, so we’ll see if we have to make what my friend Maggie calls a “Kaiser run” in the morning.  (Kaiser is our HMO).  Doesn’t look like pink eye. Probably something bacterial.

If I had thought briefly about taking the girls to Sabbath School tomorrow morning, I think of it no longer.

But we really need to get out of the house.  Devo, bless his compassionate heart, said today that after spending most of the last three days in the house, he can understand better how I feel when I get house crazy.

I am still healthy (and I say this quietly and with no certitude for the future).  I’ve so far taken 100,000 milligrams of vitamin C (that’s an exaggeration, a slight exaggeration) , guzzled water and fresh squeezed orange juice, periodically downed less than appetizing charcoal concoctions, swished and gargled 3/4 a bottle of listerine, and convinced my husband to let me sleep in a little and take a nap or two. I was REALLY craving an apple turnover tonight, but I’m remaining faithful to my pledge to cut out sugar until the time of trial has passed.  <sigh>

A week or so ago we finally put away our sad, lonely co-sleeper.  Levi never slept in it.  I’d lay him down in it and he’d instantly wake up.  I could lay him anywhere else and he’d keep sleeping, but lay him in his own bed?  No way, Jose.  So he kept sleeping in his bed of choice, the swing.  Until three days ago when he discovered how much fun it is to sit up straight in the swing.  While it’s swinging.  With inadequate restraints.  So, no more swing.

He moved in to the crib two nights ago and has been really enjoying stretching out while he sleeps.  Even when he slept in the swing, his favorite sleeping position is to have his arms flung overhead.  Amazing how easy it is to make transitions when the time is right.

I haven’t had any exercise since Monday so I’m thinking we need to get out of the house tomorrow.  Go somewhere where we won’t infect other people.  And choose a time of day when we aren’t going to broil from the weird hot weather.  The beach?  The park?  The pool?  The backyard?

Feels like a long, drawn out case of “stay tuned for the next exciting episode”.

PS:  Finally ordered and received my Mother’s Day presents–books.  (I even put little Mother’s Day messages to myself on the gift option through amazon, haha).  I ended up with The Divine Hours, pocket edition.  Now I know what to do during those mid-night feedings.  Nature’s Children – wanted to wait until after tonight’s rather unhealthy dinner of grilled cheese and campbell’s tomato soup before getting inspired.  And Parenting as a Spiritual Journey.  Wowee, that last one is GRRRRREAT.  Can’t wait to finish it.


One thought on “Still Kickin’

  1. We caught a nasty flu bug at Campmeeting the end of May/first part of June. The kids and I seemed to have Pink Eye but it wasn’t. My eyes were horribly bloodshot yet I was sleeping fine. My father-in-law got it from us and then flew back home to Sacramento and gave it to my mother-in-law. I had sent a package along for my mum and she ended up with the nasty eye thing, too. I really think it is part of that horrible bug. Swine flu? I’ve never had a sore throat with the flu before…

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