Five for Five

Seven and a half days of a stellar performance by my immune system.  And those days have now come to an end.

I officially succumbed to the flu yesterday.  And today.  And most likely for the next week, if I follow the pattern that has been set before me.

Now when my husband tells me I’m hot, it has a whole ‘nother meaning.  It means my last dose of motrin ran out and the fever’s back.

Levi hasn’t had it bad, thankfully, only a bit of a cough…and last night a small fever for the first time for a short time.  It hasn’t affected his growth, that’s for sure.  He was 18 and a half pounds at our appointment last Sabbath and grew some more last night.  Now he’s beginning to resemble a butterball turkey.

Amelie seems to be pretty much over it.  Pretty much.

Lia still runs a fever every afternoon and has now progressed into a sore throat.  This morning, however, she must have been feeling better because she talked.  And talked.  And talked.  And talked.  We couldn’t get her to stop talking long enough to even eat her breakfast.  A week’s worth of talking compressed into thirty minutes.

Devo is still slowly slowly feeling better day by day.  Luckily for me, he has a fairly slow rest of the week.  So today I’ve had a very slow day with two naps/rests so far, and a lot of sitting immobilized on the couch.  And now, a few minutes of computer time without anyone talking to me (much) or sitting on my lap (much).  I’m so grateful and thankful.

Now to muster up some courage for being on my own this evening while Devo goes to Pathfinder something-or-the-other.  I’m thinking this will be a perfect time to finish watching Pride and Prejudice.


3 thoughts on “Five for Five

  1. I am sooo sorry. Pride and Prejudice sound good! Hopefully the evening went smoothly and the children jumped up and said we’re ready for bed, tuck us in and quickly jumped in bed and fell instantly asleep!!!! sounds good to me!!! Then mommy took a luxerious (spelling!!) bath and crawled into bed and slept soundly for 12 hours while Levi only woke her up once to eat. Ahhhhhh fantasy land!!

  2. 18 pounds!!! Benjamin weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz on Tuesday when we went in for his infected thumb. 😦 Thankfully it seems to be getting better. I am worried that the divit won’t go away though!

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