Amoebas and Super Heroes

Today I think, at last, that I am human.  Oh, glory, it’s good to be a human.  And not an … amoeba.

An amoeba whose every ailment seems to somehow lead back to that thyroid problem.  Anxiety attacks?  Thyroid.  Inability to sleep during the half hours when all other family members are sleeping?  Thyroid.  Unusual trouble with asthmatic bronchitis?  Thyroid.  Jitters when not using sudafed or albuterol?  Thyroid.

I wonder if I can blame my dry skin on that, too, or if it’s really just a logical result of running out of Aveeno Baby.

So far (and I hope this is a grand total) I’ve been to Kaiser (our HMO) 5 separate times for 8 appointments and one blood draw.  Not including phone calls.

And now I’d like to pause for a moment to make a tribute.  To my husband.



Not only are you the Love of my Life, my Best Friend, Confidant, and overall Favorite Person, you are also my Super Hero.

I’d asked for one sick day and you’ve given me nine.  Nine days where you shooed me off for naps twice a day and didn’t even begrudge them when I re-emerged announcing that I couldn’t sleep (stupid thyroid, I begrudged it).  You held down the fort while I took three solo trips to the doctor, once leaving you for three hours with no milk and a fussing baby – and you didn’t scold me when I got back. And all this with you yourself still being sick and generally under the weather.

You’ve played umpteen games of marbles (or, narballs, as they are called locally) with the girls.  You can get the baby to sleep faster than I can.  And speaking of Levi, he thinks that you are his new best friend and he says he’ll be glad to watch tennis with you anytime.

I’d especially like to say thank you for that dinner you planned and cooked (I was really impressed), and for offering night after night to get up and take care of Levi if I’d pump some milk , and for caring about me and how I feel even when doctors don’t.  What means the most, though, is knowing that I haven’t run out of sick days–knowing that if I need more days to take care of myself you will provide them for me as long as I need them.

So now I’d like to raise a toast to better days ahead.  To days that will eventually include an occasional smackerel of something sweet as well as lots of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  To days when we can kiss on the lips without worrying about contagion.  To days without naps (or rests).  To days where we don’t cough in chorus (although, it is kinda romantic).  And I think we should think of something to do to celebrate the first day we make it through an entire day without using any technological babysitting.  Then we’ll really know we’ve put this whole thing behind us.

Love you.



5 thoughts on “Amoebas and Super Heroes

  1. Hurray for Devo! You didn’t know what you might be getting into when you declared to be faithful “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” Sounds as if you have passed this test with flying colors and stars on your chart.

    Leilani – see my e-mail with comments on thyroid, iodine, tests, etc.

    Love, Grandma

  2. so SWEET!! you’ve got a super-hubby!! sure hope you get that thyroid issue figured out. sounds like a real bummer of a problem-o. So glad you are all finally on the mend! hurrah!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to have a wonderful husband? I like Devo more and more every day! Now…as to you…i think you need a hug! I know how frustrated I felt when I was having so many problems with my belly. Hang in there. I love you!

  4. Hurray Devo! Hurray for finally feeling human! and yes, dry skin actually is one of the signs of thyroid problems. So it isn’t in the catagory of – “open the door and the flies come in, shut the door and I’m sweatin’ again” !! (Do you remember that whole litany that ends with…. and I’ve got dandruff?)

    Hopefully Kaiser will be missing you – except for those thyroid appts. Hopefully the pharmacist won’t be on a first name basis with you anymore. And bless Dr. number 2 for being such a wonderful Dr. (well that’s #2 of the asthma trilogy of drs) at lest you got 1 out of 3 good!

    May you breath freely and sleep soundly and longly – not just longingly!

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