Homeschooling Mom?

Had an interesting conversation with a Mormon-from-Salt-Lake-City homeschooling mother of six while sitting on a bench at Disneyland today.  (Best Disneyland trip to date…hooray for uncles!).

And I walked away thinking, “I don’t want to be a homeschool mother like that.”

It wasn’t the Mormonism (although we both thought it was funny that she considered getting herself and her sister shirts that say “head wife” and “second wife” to wear when they take her kids places together), or the frequent use of the word conservative, or anything else specific.

But it did help me one step further in my attempt to articulate my ideas about our family and our future in schooling.

We’re still up in the air between homeschool, the academy, and (following somewhat behind but still a viable option) public school.  This year the sabbatical decided for us — homeschool it is.  But next year and the years (and children) to follow are still wavering in the great unknown.

But if we decided to homeschool, it would be because we want to widen our children’s experience of the world.  Not narrow it.  I think that makes a fundamental difference.


3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Mom?

  1. PUTT! Had written quite an essay and lost it into cyberspace. Maybe you didn’t need to hear my grumbles.

    At any rate soon I’ll be able to play all kinds of games with two wonderful little girls. Don’t know that little brother could benefit yet- though I’m sure he would try.

    FYI check out

    Love Grandma the Great! {poor, decrepit, feeble, (both mind and body!) etc.}

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