San Diego

We’re back from our San Diego extravaganza, and I can only prop open my eyelids for a few more minutes.

Sea World and the San Diego Zoo with (mostly) happy children (the adults were very pleasant, too).  It was great.

And I’m turning into my mother.  Good thing I admire her so much.  We were laughing about it on the phone today — I used to complain and complain about how much prep my mom put into going places.  Well, now I’m the mommy, so I’m the one who leads the family in the rituals of snack packing and sunscreen slathering.  As I herded my small family hither and yon, I promised myself that as soon as the packing and slathering are not absolutely necessary, I’m leaving us up to the elements. Thirsty?  Pack your own water.  Hungry?  Pack your own snack.  Sunburned?  Slather your own sunscreen.  Self-sufficiency, children, is in your future!

I’m a minimalist by nature, the proud carrier of the smallest diaper bag in the hemisphere, and I hope to keep it that way. But with three children, the odds of disasters seem to be greatly increased, so I’ve had to increase the amount of things I deem necessary to haul around. My organization skills are rapidly approaching CEO level.  I’ve got permanent packing lists for every kind of trip — beach, amusement park, overnight, hiking.  No need to reinvent the wheel for each trip, right?

So now the unpacking is done, the floor is vacuumed, the farmer’s market finds of the week stashed, the babies asleep.  (Even that particular baby who has decided it’s fun to wake up four or five times a night).  And it’s taken me fifteen minutes to type the last four sentences, so I’m taking myself off to bed for some much deserved (and needed!) sleep!


One thought on “San Diego

  1. And hurray for just doing without the committee meetings!!! Someone has to be a sargent. Glad it was a fun time and children held up and still had fun despite 3 days this week. Fantastic! and swimming to boot!!

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