Mommy Purse

After many hiccups and with one undesirable still waiting to be mailed back to amazon, I have finally finally finally gotten myself a Mommy Purse.

I ended up with REI Annie Shoulder Bag.  Sorry, couldn’t get a picture, but go see it if you’re so inclined.

I had seriously thought about several bags at Overland Equipment, but none quite met my needs/wants.  Great customer service, though.  And then I had a brief moment of coveting a Le Sport Sac until I discovered that they are ridiculously overpriced.

So here I am with Annie and on Day 2, I’m really liking it.  For the following reasons.

  • It’s eco-sensitive…made at least partly out of recycled PET bottles.
  • It is a top loader.  Very important when reaching in for a debit card with a baby on the other hip.
  • Long strap.  Worn cross-wise, it doesn’t move much and lessens the chance of one of my children being beaned by a falling bag.
  • It’s roomy.  I’ve been tossing things into it randomly since yesterday and it hasn’t filled up yet.  Diapers, wipes, extra baby outfit, plus all the little stuff.
  • It’s not bulky.  Pretty streamlined and not inclined to bulge.
  • It has a pocket that I can put my wallet stuff into … instead of a wallet.  With a separate pocket I’m currently using for cash.
  • It has a pocket on the side for a water bottle that zips closed when not in use.  Our new camelbak water bottle fits very nicely and has the advantage of enticing the little girls to drink more than usual.
  • Good organization, lots of pockets and such, and all easily accessible.
  • No velcro.  One of the overland bags had velcro (another one had nice magnets) and I could just see me needing to get into that pocket four times during church…riiiiip.  So zippers are fine by me.  If I can do it with one hand, it’s all good.

There are only a few drawbacks.

  • It isn’t very pretty.  I got mine in ‘boxwood’, but would really have preferred something wild like orange or red, preferably patterned.  I’m seriously thinking of dressing it up a little with a posy pin (I’ve been eyeing these for awhile and can’t decide which ones I like best) or some such pretty.  To be fair, the bag does have some floral embroidery, which soothes me.  I have been very austere in my preferences at other points in my life, but right now I’m craving wildness and color.  And pretty.
  • The material on the strap is a little rough.  If it doesn’t soften up soon I’ll probably make a little (pretty) shoulder pad.

Now I’ve got my eye on some serious day packs and travel bags.  If I’m going to be organized, I might as well be … organized.


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