If at first you don’t succeed…survive, survive, survive

I’m thinking of updating my facebook status to say, “If at first you don’t succeed….survive, survive, survive.

If this littlest one (who favored me with three very brief naps over the course of the day…included the early evening one that is allowing him to still be awake) ever goes to sleep, I am rewarding myself for surviving this day with a long desired apple turnover.

Everybody was just slightly catawampus today.  Lia had random meltdowns — I was very unprepared for the first…since when does she melt into tears over putting on shoes?  Levi spit up again and again and again.  And again.   (How do you tell if he’s spitting up or throwing up?  Seems reasonably chipper, continues to eat, no lethargy.   Weird tummy bug?)  Amelie was tired and apt to wail at the least provocation.

It took two and a half hours to get through our morning routine, and it never really looked up from there.  Luckily there were a few things to do (library, walk, lunch, a visit) that helped pass little bits of time.  And dinner turned out.  Not like last night, where the mac and cheese from scratch came out SWEET.  I swear there was no sugar.  I was baffled.  Beleaguered.  Beset with consternation.

And I really enjoyed tonight’s feature film (thank you public library)  — Miracle Worker, the film about Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller.  Amelie was a bit ruffled by all that wildness in spoiled young Helen (which I found to be an interesting psychological phenomenon in my wildest child).  But I was enraptured. Lia kept waiting for her to be able to see again, but was duly impressed and enthralled when Helen learned to understand words.  So we pretended to be Annie and Helen and spelled into each other’s hands.  I love this age.

Aw, I just looked down at Levi who smiled at me with half-closed eyes.  Oops, the eye contact woke him back up again.  There, back to sleep with a little smile on his face and Lia’s stuffed kitty in one hand.  The other hand is still occasionally patting things…gotta keep practicing those new skills even when sleeping!

Devo is gone to Las Vegas (I sent him off with his brother and friends with a stern lecture to the driver about safe driving…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do).  He’ll be back tomorrow and we have a date for watching (belatedly) the premier of Dancing with the Stars.  After yoga.

I’m going to get to teach my yoga class for three classes next month while our teacher is gone.  I’m really excited.  I just need to start practicing mirroring and saying “right leg” when I’m using my left.

Well, I’m going to go savor my apple turnover…I’ve been craving it since before the family got sick…and breathe a sigh of relief that today is over.


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