White House Garden

So you might have already guessed that I’m a huge fan of gardens, especially kitchen gardens.  I’m always peering at plantings and seeing what there is to see.   And you may have guessed that buying locally grown food is my newest revolutionary soap box and lifestyle change (even had a long conversation with the grocer at vons this week about signage on fresh foods).

So I’ve been excited about the White House kitchen garden Michelle Obama has started.  Not only does this video deal with gardens and food, it deals with parenting!  Found it on Kitchen Gardeners International, one of my perennial bookmarks.


One thought on “White House Garden

  1. I have been bugging Rob to set up his wood shop and make me a square ft garden…I want to grow carrots and radishes…and peas!

    I am on the look out for those upside down tomato dealy mcbobs. I am going to start slow though because I have a truly BLACK thumb…I can kill even fake plants. =( We shall see how that turns out.

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