The Changing Landscape of Daydreams

We put an offer on a home a few weeks ago.  We were the 33rd offer out of 80-something. We didn’t get it.

Which was good, because we didn’t really want it.

And we put an offer just yesterday on one we like a whole lot more.  Much more character.  But it has a pool.  <thumb down>  And beautiful, original wood floors.  <thumb up>  But we’re not holding our breath on that one either.

The only house I’ve held my breath on, I finally passed out from holding it so long.  And we still haven’t heard back for all of that.

It’s my house.  My dream house.  I’ve only been in it once, but I remember it like it was…my own house.

Oh, it’s soooo beautiful.  The kitchen, dining room, and family room all open up into one another.  (One of my top-of-the-list requests…next to sunshine and four bedrooms).  And it’s on an empty half acre lot.  Just half a mile down the road from our current house.  Out of the suburbs, into the country in half a mile.

When I was in high school (okay, and probably college, too), I day dreamed about boys.  When I was engaged, I daydreamed about marriage and homemaking.  When I was married I daydreamed about babies.  When I had babies, I daydreamed about sleep.  Haha.  No, now I day dream about houses.  This house in particular.

I have the landscaping all planned out.  Badminton/soccer field on the right of the house.  Garden on the left…raised beds or in ground still to be decided.  Parallel lines of fruit trees all along the front fence.  Grape arbor over back patio.  Bougainvillea spilling over future stone wall.  Lavender and white roses under windows.  Herbs next to patio.  And eventually a grove of trees in the front yard.  Shade trees with grass underneath.

Room for the chickens.  Room for the goats.  Room for the children.

And inside, oh, inside.  Soaks in the jacuzzi tub in the master suite.  Me cooking gloriously while keeping an eye on everyone at the same time.  Ping pong in the three car – completely drywalled and carpeted – garage.  Large office for Devo.  Front formal living room for guests and music.


When there are no other adults in the car, I drive by the house and pull over and gaze at it longingly.  Unfortunately, Lia is old enough to wonder why on earth we are here AGAIN.  But she’s a good sport and allows me 15.3 seconds of wishfulness before politely requesting that we return to the day’s planned activities. Devo wonders about that little commandment about not coveting thy neighbor’s house.I’ve been drooling over it for probably six months.  It pops on and off the market (currently off, after two days of being on early last month).  If someone would just buy the house, then I could let it go and move on.  I think.


3 thoughts on “The Changing Landscape of Daydreams

  1. Oooohh…that does sound dreamy. 🙂 You should definitely allow yourself some gazing time. It makes life more enjoyable to dream happy dreams.

  2. Come daydream about what we should do to my house. I am normally at a loss. Plus, I don’t have much time to daydream these days. 😦

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