The Blues

I’ve got the house blues.

Well, maybe it’s just low blood sugar.  One of the perks of parenting small children is that I eat meals consistently.  But all the fun of the last month with my brother in law’s visit has knocked that ‘consistent’ part slightly askew.  So I didn’t get dinner before heading off to (teach my first!) yoga class.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I just can’t get well.  Devo’s down with it now, moving from a cold into the flu.  I’m now taking vitamin c, vitamin d, the green power sludge stuff my mom swears by, a daily drink of disgusting apple cider vinegar and water, and forsaking all sweet things.

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t have much sleep last night.  I finally bit the bullet and have begun to teach/convince/encourage Levi to sleep through the night (method: no milk till morning).  First night went well with only about two hours of walking and patting.  Second night he slept EIGHT HOURS!  Last night he was up for what seemed like hours on end, playing the part of a narcoleptic pacifier flinger.  He won last night.  I ungraciously lost.  (Is it possible to be gracious at four o’clock in the morning after hours of sleep interruptions?  I think not.)

Or maybe it’s because the Nester has been posting this great series on 31 days to a Better Dressed Nest.  And I want to dress my NEW nest, not this old one.

Or maybe it’s that my favorite dream house is being sold…to someone else.

Or maybe it’s that I’ve realized that I’ve lost an entire year of gardening because of assuming that we were going to find a house.  I should have taken Jesus’ advice and “occupied”.  He always has good advice.

So, maybe, once my blood sugar comes back up, and I have a night of at least semi-decent sleep, and I stop sounding like I’ve got a sinus infection when I don’t, I’ll stop whining to myself and dress up the nest that I have and plant some things in my winter garden to grow while we’re gone on sabbatical.

Because we’re leaving for our sabbatical in 22 days.

And then I’ll be living in my mom’s house.


6 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. Oh honey, I am so sorry. Your dream house. No sleep. You will absolutely hate my latest clear the asthma without steroids treatment!

    Congratulations of teaching your first yoga class!!! Hope the blood sugar didn’t drop until after.

    Hope you get sleep tonight. Oh blissful thought! Love you!


  2. I have a dream house too….the one I go out of the way to drive by…Abby isn’t old enough to think it’s unusual yet. The seller wants cash… I say we barter.

    About 2x’s a year I start hunting through craigslist houses to see what is out there. And i seem to move 1 time a year just so that my clutter doesn’t build up.

    Hang in there my dear! You already found your Prince Charming and the castle will come.

    As for sleeping through the night…I have no advice. I usually poke Rob and say hey did you hear something….and he pops up out of bed to be my protector and then figures out it;s just the baby. Heh heh heh he falls for it everytime:)

  3. Oh, I am SO sorry about the dream house! A friend drove by our old one (which I simply adored) and said that it didn’t look as nice. That makes me so sad! I’m thinking I won’t do a drive by when we are there in January.

  4. Debbie, you’re right, I’ve got my Prince Charming! And I’ve actually got a castle that I love (other than the minimal sunlight and ew carpet)…it’s just this idea that we should OWN our own castle.

    And Lea, maybe it’s just that the new owners don’t have the knack for gardening that you have. You guys are a tough act to follow!

  5. Hmmmm…I think castles are supposed to lack sunlight….no wait…that is a dungeon isn’t it! Anyway…I understand the desire to OWN. Patience is what I prescribe…it’s not my virtue as you know…however I hear it spoken of quite highly!

    I am glad you got my wedding invite but since you’ll be in Guam basking in spoiled rottenness per your Mama’s doting I will just know you’re here in spirit! Wouldn’t it be cool if I could get it posted to a website somewhere?

  6. Sorry to hear about the house…I was rootin’ for ya. I feel ya on the lack of sleep. *yawn* Oh, and the low blood sugar. Ya. I can’t help but laugh at Deb’s comment about the baby crying. LOL Congrats on teaching yoga! You’ve officially arrived. Stay well!! And EAT! =)

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