Perhaps blogging at 12 minutes past my bedtime is not the wisest choice.  But I must admit that my ability to form coherent thought has been rather suppressed today.  Not oppressed, just suppressed.

So Levi hasn’t been sleeping well.  Tonight marks two weeks since we began tackling the night sleeping thing vigorously.  Well, it’s vigorous for a night or two and then exhausted for a night or two.  The first four days went really well.  And that was about it.

Last night was a step forward…Little Mr. Wakeful actually cried himself back to sleep.  Once.  Out of four wakings.  And only because I was so tired I couldn’t wake up enough to drag myself out of bed and over to his crib.  I woke up to discover that is was…quiet.  Which has been a very rare occurrence the last few weeks.

But lest I bore you with a detailed rundown of every minute of sleep I got and every minute that I didn’t get, perhaps we should remember that there is more to life than sleeping.  And dishes.  And bathing.  And picking up toys.

Things like decluttering.  Devo tore into his closet yesterday and decluttered about half his wardrobe.  It was amazingly scary.  How can you live without clothes you never wear?  It was also inspiring and exhilarating.  So I did likewise. We filled up the back of our explorer and carted it off to community services.

The Nester said this week to get rid of things you don’t love.  It’s amazing how many things I have that I don’t love.  I’m grateful for them (wouldn’t want to go…clothes-less…now would we?) but I don’t love them.  Okay, so I see that she actually said to get rid of things you hate.  And I translated that as things I don’t love.  Hmmm.  Whatever, it’s been a cleansing exercise.  And we’re not through yet.

I’ve decided to take the fabric in my fabric baskets that I’m never going to use and make beach blankets out of it.  Oh, yeah, that’s what I was supposed to be doing this evening whilst my husband was communing with the parishioners.  Oops.  I knew I had a plan.

I wanted to go through all my closets and clean and purge and straighten before we leave (in less than two weeks!) on our sabbatical.  [Or, spaghatical, as Lia calls it.  I spell it with an “h” in the middle, because it sounds like spaghetti.]  And shampoo the carpet.  And get my haircut and a pedicure and new contacts.  And get the kids clothes all ready for summer in Guam and winter for when we get back.

Well, that was the BIG plan.  The little plan is to pack and go.  With hopefully an emptying of the fridge.  I always make a big plan and a little plan.  Bare-minimum-must-accomplish-no-matter-what and all-the-many-many-things-I’d-like-to-do-if-I-were-super-woman.  Helps with perspective.


2 thoughts on “Still…sleepy

  1. I read somewhere that what you did not use in 2 years you do not need! Still that is hard for me. We are moving, so a big decluttering will take place! Hope Levi will sleep well soon! Maybe he just need that lovely holiday in Gaum. Go for the little plan, you need energy for the trip! Love.

  2. What do you mean IF you were superwoman. YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN! Perspective Leilani Louise! I have one little ankle biter and I am ready to drop into bed at 8pm WITH her! Not sure how you do 3 of them on little to no sleep AND still find time to declutter. Whenever I am having a Debbie is tired pitty party I remember you…and get inspired to clean something. (From the looks of this house I would say I need to think about you more often. =) )

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