Getting over jet lag

The jet lag caught up with me on Tuesday.  Jet lag and insufficient protein intake combined with an award-winning 8 baby wakings the night before.  Yesterday I just felt like I was chasing to keep up, but never quite managing.  And today I only needed one Mommy time-out.  So I think I’m adjusting.

I’m starting to get my feet under me and when someone asks me a question, I occasionally have an answer.  Mom and I are still working out the details of co-habiting with small children.  She sleeps “in” on the weekends, we sleep “in” on the weekdays when she’s up and getting ready for work anyhow.

And we’re getting the food situation straightened out – what my family eats, what her family eats, what is actually in the pantry – but that process has been somewhat derailed by Lia’s new stage of announcing at every single meal “I don’t like that.” Those words are no longer allowed at the table.  They have officially been replaced with, “May I have a no-thank-you helping, please?”

Once we get a basic meal planned, then we get into details.  At which point I usually announce, “well, the way my mother makes it is…”  Or, “that’s not how my mom makes it”.  And then we laugh.  Mom’s lasagne?  Yummy.  With spinach?  That’s not how my mom makes it!  (But it was really yummy).  Sorry, Mom, for holding you to your cuisine of 10 years ago.

But, really.  Micro food environments are fascinating.  We go to make quesadillas and run aground on the details.  Corn or flour tortillas?  What size tortillas?  What kind of cheese?  (Well, that one is easy…tillamook cheddar all the way!).  How much cheese?  Grated or sliced?  Warm the tortillas first or just put them in?  Make whole tortillas or fold them over and make halves?  Microwave or stove? Put a lid on the pan or leave it off?  Cut them with a knife or scissors?  In how many pieces?  What kind of salsa?   (Lia –  I don’t like this salsa!  Mommy – It’s the same as we have at home!)

By next week we’ll have it all figured out.

But with all the busy-ness, Mr. Levi takes the cake.  Busy, busy, busy.  He vacillates between intense skill mastery and wailing boredom.  His newest trick is to babble.  Within one day he’s gone from “na na”  (which makes my sister Liana very happy) to full sentences.  Having ‘words’ to say comes in very handy for a small boy when he wants to complain about something.  Wiggle, wiggle, busy, busy.


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