These first few days of sabbatical have begun to slowly swing open the heavy doors of daily life and give glimpses of vistas beyond.

I am inspired, conversely (or, perhaps, perversely) , to both cast off my worldly goods and to pierce my ears so that I can wear dangly earrings.  I want to wear bright colors and am flirting with the idea of doing something drastic to my hair.  I want to travel the world and grow all my own food.

Now I just need to desire a sports car and I could legitimately be in a (very early) midlife crisis.

I wonder what it would be like to celebrate Sabbath apart from the trappings of church, ironed clothes, and time constraints.

I day dream about living in an open shelter with billowing mosquito nets, with a breeze and a view.  No walls.  No airconditioner.

I’ve started jotting down a few things before I go to bed each night, just to keep track of…myself.


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