The BE attitude

On Sabbath I spent time thinking (or not thinking, as the case occasionally was) about be.

I seem to spend my days striving or trying to be…something.  Be responsible.  Be a good wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, daughter.  Be calm, kind, frugal, organized, educated, well-spoken.  Be. Be. Be. Be. Be.

Even the Sabbath is filled with wearisome BEs.  Be on time (!!!).  Be at church.  Be happy. Be friendly.  Take away church and I still feel the pressure to be faithful, be in tune spiritually, be good to people in need, be a student of Scripture, be still, or be still and know.  Be. Be. Be. Be. Be.

Take that away and I feel that I need to be me.  But that, also, is an awfully tall (and messy) order.

A Sabbath (sabbatical) is, I think, divine permission to just…BE.

No strings attached.



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