Brain Fog and Sudoku

I looked in the bathroom to find my mom perched on the edge of the tub, doing sudoku.

“It’s supposed to help with brain fog,” she says.

She read somewhere that when you suffer from brain fog, you should engage in something that uses a different part of the brain.

Hence, sudoku.

Does it help? I wondered.

“I don’t know,” she says.

I close the door on my way out, leaving Mom hiding in the bathroom, that most sacred of all mommy hiding places.  Doing sudoku.


One thought on “Brain Fog and Sudoku

  1. Hiding in the bathroom…something I haven’t quite been able to do yet. =) I bring the younguns in there with me and then I have to clean up the mess. But at least I got a shower or did my hair/face, whatever the case may be. I think my other brain is pretty much toast. Would soduku bring it back from the dead?

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