Five Years Old

Lia is five years old today.

(Well, actually tomorrow, if you take the international date line into consideration.  But we’ll pretend it’s today.)

Five years ago I was in the throes of first-time labor…which is different from subsequent labors in that everything is new and not familiar.

Five years ago I saw her sweet little face for the first time.  It seems impossible that it took me several days to get used to her face.

Five years ago I was experiencing my first day as a mother.

The morning after she was born, she heard me walk into the room and smiled.

And now she’s five.  She’s my smallest best friend.  My grocery list reminder.  My great experiment.  My sous chef.  My wide-eyed wonder, reintroducing me to this great big world.

This year I aim to give her space.  Space to be herself.  Space to be a child.  Space to learn and grow and change.  And lots of space for daydreaming.

I’m thinking of it as the difference between taking a clump of clay and molding every surface with my hands…and letting the wheel spin while just guiding things along.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.


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