Thanksgiving rambles

Thanksgiving dinner is over and gone.  But leftovers appear tomorrow.  And there is a last batch of potato rolls in the oven that will soon become my ritual before-bed milk-making snack.

Mom is walking Levi round and round the house in the umbrella stroller…he managed to cough himself awake after being put to bed.

I slept in a little this morning, despite Devo leaving at 6:15 to play a thankful round of golf.  He had thought to change his plans when he heard me talking to Levi in the middle of last night.  Yesterday was a really long day.  Tonight is a really long night.  Tomorrow is going to be a really long day.  Won’t you please sleep, baby boy?

There is a typhoon passing by the south (or is it the west) and we are experiencing barometric pressure fluctuations.  Changes in barometric pressure causes young children to bounce off the walls.  Almost literally.  Very odd phenomenon.  Very tiring phenomenon.

On the morrow we hope to take Liana driving.  Because we’re cool.


One thought on “Thanksgiving rambles

  1. I’m sorry Levi is not sleeping well… 😦 Jet lag? Sick? Teething? Just really hungry? I’m sure he’ll be your angel baby again soon. Sleep is so magical. Why we skipped it in college is beyond me…

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