New Level of NUTS

I do believe we have reached a whole new level of nuts.  Days on end (including nights) where there is literally no break in the craziness.

It came to me the other day when Devo and Levi were napping, and I was sitting on the couch reading to the girls.  Amelie, miraculously, was not talking to herself loudly and bumping the book while I read, but sitting quietly and listening.  And we had a whole 12 minutes of peace.

And I realized that it’s not me. It’s not that I’m going through a stage of Overly Sensitive or Easily Overwhelmed.

Normal life is just currently quite a bit crazier than {ever} before.

Something we attribute mostly to our small son who is experiencing a high learning curve.  He can crawl – backwards.  He can go from a sitting position to his stomach and back up to a sitting position.  He can woof when he hears a dog and shriek when he sees his Grandma. Not to mention teething and growing enough to fit into his brand new 18 month clothes at the age of 7 months.

And it is altogether fitting that his favorite nighttime word is, “Boo”.

Being pulled in three directions at once when I only have two hands and half a brain can be … wild.  Like a roller coaster.  I think I’m having fun, but I’m kinda dizzy, too. (And definitely with those moments of ‘what on earth have I gotten myself into’).

Those moments when I have just one, or even two, of the children are soooooo easy.  I just float along like a graceful swan on a rippled lake.  Float, float, ripple, ripple. Boy I wish I’d felt like that when I had only one or two.  Hahahahaha.




2 thoughts on “New Level of NUTS

  1. Yes. I hear ya. Why wasn’t one so easy before?? It’s a new level of difficulty. All previous lives seem easier. 🙂 So have four kids!!

  2. LOL @Laura!!!!
    Ahh, I hear ya, Leilani! I’m spinning here in Florida too. lacking inspiration and time for blogging and mostly feeling overwhelmed (at times) with my 2. It’s fun and tiring all at the same time. And I could TOTALLY and COMPLETELY relate to your post.
    And my what a little MAN you have on your hands!! he sounds like a little “ham”! 😉 How fun!!

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