Christmas Plans

There is a faint creaking from the angel flapping her wings.  We didn’t set up a tree — it would become a transportational hazard, now that Levi is mobile.  And adventurous.  Not to mention two small girls who love pretty things.  Don’t touch that is not the way we want to spend Christmas.

But we did fling lights in a haphazard fashion.  We have a string of red, a string of blue, three unmatching strings of multi-colored.  And a small singing Christmas tree.  And the angel.  Who is not on a tree.

The Jesse tree idea has sputtered and ceased.  I’m the only one who caught the vision, apparently.  Well, I have several things to make into ornaments for when I try again next year.

But, by gum, we do have a truckload of Christmas music.  I had never particularly noticed before, but my mom loves Christmas music.  I should have noticed before.  When organizing and rearranging, I noticed that most of her cassette collection (and therefore concurrent with my childhood) is Christmas music.  So thanks to her principal (also a Christmas music fanatic), she has a great collection.  And we are reaping the benefits.

We have been married 7 years now (minus 6 days) and I’ve not yet managed a Christmas season that truly satisfied.  I’m not asking for much…less is better than none in this case…but I guess there’s always next year.  At least this year we’re not like lonesome orphans, adrift in a land where everyone else has plans on Christmas day.  Hooray for family!

My next quest for this Christmas season is to watch some of my personal favorite Christmas movies.  Although I’m not holding on too strongly to this — it seems that prime movie watching time coincides with putting-kids-to-bed-time and bell-choir-time and I-can’t-stay-awake-for-a-whole-hour-and-a-half-time.

But on my list of favorites is Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, White Christmas, and Christmas in the Clouds.  On my grandma’s list is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  And on my mom’s list is Frosty the Snowman.  About which apparently I still harbor feelings of dread — I hate it that he melts.  And if we have to, It’s a Wonderful Life or (which I like better) Miracle on 34th Street.

But Love Actually is my absolute favorite…and my family hasn’t seen it yet, imagine that.


One thought on “Christmas Plans

  1. Somehow I missed this post the first time around. I have not yet fed my Christmas cheese addiction. Well, I did once – the Hallmark channel had A Dog Named Christmas. But none of the classic favorites. Yet. I start Christmas break today so this weekends seems like perfect timing. The question now – will Miracle on 34th Street (ultimate favorite) start us off or will it be saved for Christmas Eve?
    Also, since I still don’t have a mobile baby, we have a tree. I think mobility is on it’s way though.

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