Monday Jumble

Today we skyped with the church staff at their annual Christmas party.  They couldn’t really hear us and we couldn’t really see them, but it was nice to see everyone and wave.  I guess we’ve been gone awhile — I’ve reached the stage where I keep thinking I see people I know from California in the parking lot of the Guam KMart.

We went swimming today at the Hyatt.  Grandma and Grandpa (my grandparents) came along.  So of course it rained and was cold.  (Don’t snort, statesiders, 83 and windy is cold when you’re wet).  And the jacuzzi was too hot.  But we managed to have a good time in spite of it all.  Grandpa and Levi enjoyed splashing together.  Lia has learned how to swim on her back and has been practicing diligently.

I “intend to” begin keeping a learning log during this first year of homeschooling.  Nothing too involved, just a daily jot of things learned, activities participated in, etc.  Today’s list would include ::

-made a “Merry Christmas” banner, sounding out and writing the words in uppercase.  Lia wrote half of the letters (the harder letters) without help.  Amelie wrote the other letters (E, H, I, T, A), her first time for all letters other than A.

-girls watched football with Devo and discussed offense and defense, among other things.

-naptime! (isn’t this part of learning?)

-sang solfege scales while climbing stairs

-went swimming, Lia practicing swimming on her back and the forward crawl.

I’m sure there was more, but, alas, I can’t recall.  I think it will be a good practice for Devo and I to keep track of learning interests and patterns, and to assure us that learning really does happen outside of a set curriculum and workbooks.


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