Slow Day after Yesterday’s High Learning Day

So some days are high learning days, and others aren’t.  I can deal with that.  Sounds like … real life.

  • unstructured play
  • painted –  I introduced the word ‘texture’ for the first time
  • “name that Christmas tune” from snatches of the melody
  • went swimming – Lia swam on her back, Amelie floated

Something to add to yesterday’s list – Lia learned about playing games honestly.  In their game of go fish, Grandma asked for a Lion and was told to go fish.  Then Lia proceeded to ask for a Lion.  Grandma told her that she couldn’t do that, that wasn’t following the rules.  And then they sat there in silence, letting Lia absorb the situation and its ramifications.  (Hey, lesson learned without a long lecture!  Good parenting tip!)

It’s also a developmental milestone, for her to think ahead and play some sort of “strategy” (moral value of said strategy notwithstanding).  That’s a long ways logically-speaking from Amelie’s current stage of announcing every card she receives.


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