You’re probably ready to shoot me about now.  I apologize for the frequent and long silences.  I’m in transition.

You know how it is, that time coming up before a big trip where you’re neither here nor there.  Where you lay in one bed on one side of the world, thinking about the other bed on the other side of the world, and musing over the fact that soon you’ll be over there thinking about over here.

It’s complicated.

In lieu of something truly profound to say, I’m just going to jot down seven random things.

1) Went to my niece’s baptism/christening today – a beautiful, meaningful ceremony.  Came away resentful at the religious arrogance espoused by my particular faith tradition towards others and eager to pass openness on to our children.

2) Finished three books by Terri Fivash in quick succession.    Ruth & Boaz and the first two in the Dahveed series.  Really enjoyed them.  (Thanks, Grandma!) Wonder if the author should have pursued a wider Christian market, rather than publishing through Review and Herald.  The books are good and she deserves a large readership.

3) Got Lia signed up for piano lessons when we get back home.  It feels like a big commitment in our formerly fancy-free life.  We are all looking forward to it.

4) Been daydreaming about starting a blog about our adventures in backyard gardening.  Maybe name it after our future three hens, whom we plan to endow with old lady names.  Mildred, Muriel, & Myrtle?  Haha.

5) I can’t decide what to do with my hair.  I feel the mid-life crisis urge to do something drastic – but I don’t really want earrings, a tattoo, or to cut my hair short.  Maybe I’ll paint my nails instead.  (Ooh, Leilani, real drastic there).

6) We solved the future car problem.  We’ve been debating for months – SUV vs. minivan.  Once we have another baby (not yet), we won’t have enough seatbelts.  Devo found a company that makes a third seat for our explorer.  Bingo.

7)  Bought the girls recorders for Christmas.  Then found a recorder method book published by the Trapp Family Singers (as in, the hills are alive).  I borrowed a recorder and have been systematically working my way through the book.  I’m getting close to the part where I get to play Bach.  I’m so excited.  I hope it hasn’t been too annoying to my fellow housemates.


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