And we’re back.

Thanks to an enterprising Horizon Air check-in lady, we’re back 7 hours earlier than the (changed by the airline, we never would have agreed to it) itinerary.  And thanks to another enterprising checker-inner (what are these people called?), instead of languishing for hours in Japan, we went back to my mom’s house for another couple hours of sleep and caught the next plane.

No thanks to the hostile Delta stewardess, excuse me, flight attendant.  I swear, if she had come and been rude to us one more time, I would have given her an earful.  A strongly worded earful.  Because two people traveling on an 8.5 hour flight in the midst of a 26-32 hour journey with a very very fussy baby really don’t need someone telling them they’re doing something wrong.  Four separate times.  (Luckily it had nothing to do with the fussy baby, or my patience wouldn’t have lasted so long).

Levi is sleeping in the straight-jacket bassinet, my 1 hour old untouched dinner shown at bottom

So we did survive the first three miserable hours on the Narita-Portland flight.  Unfortunately, those three miserable hours have elected this trip as our family’s Worst Family Airplane Trip Ever.  But, in hind sight, it wasn’t too bad.

After all, I didn’t cry.  Could definitely have been worse.

I got off that plane here and strode down the concourse like, like, those people in Armageddon.  Triumphant.  (Took me a long time to come up with that word – victorious, happy, satisfied weren’t cutting it.  Woke up this morning and thought, triumphant.  Yes.)

We got home to a pantry and refrigerator full of food (I think we have Chrystal to thank for that) and homemade rosemary bread with homemade tomato soup awaiting us (the bread was definitely Pastor Chris, the tomato soup’s origins are still a mystery).  And a jar full of gift certificates for restaurants from the pastoral staff.

They love us, they really do.

Amelie fell asleep in her food, so everyone was tucked into bed before 7:30 last night.  Parents followed shortly.  And we slept until 10 this morning.  Glory be, it was a miracle.

Although, I’d like to think that I helped out the miracle by taking Levi into bed with me at 2:30 and opening the milk bar.  Thus I managed to keep him mostly asleep until 10am.

But it was still a miracle.

Now we’re happily settling in.  The girls have finally, after 24 hours, mostly satisfied the inner urging to get out every possible toy and reacquaint themselves before casting it aside and searching out a new toy.  Levi is learning the lay of the land.  And Devo and I have unpacked.  Completely.

Triumphant about sums it up.

This, of course, leaves out a number of interesting details such as –

Coming back on the earlier flight meant that we were arriving with no carseats.  Pastor Dave scrounged up his grandchildren’s carseats and gave them to Steve, our neighbor, who picked us up.  (Thanks, Janeen – to whom belongeth the grandchildren!)

Steve finding that our car had expired while languishing in the garage.  He towed it, got it fixed, picked us up, picked up our car, and then took Devo back to the airport in the evening to pick up our luggage (which had come later on the originally scheduled flight).  We shared our homemade bread with him – was it a sacrifice equal to his?  Perhaps.  (That’s a joke.  Kind of.)

Or a listing of the movies we saw — with commentary.  Why oh why did they ever let Sandra Bullock’s hair be anything but brown?

Or how startlingly white our kitchen decks are.  I remember how long it took me to get used to them when I moved in.  I thought that I had just adjusted…but I guess they had just acquired a muted shade.  <snort>  Turns out it was just evidence of Chrystal’s stay here – everywhere I look there is another cupboard neatly organized or another sweet surprise of some sort.

Sabbatical lasts until next week begins.  Time to sort ourselves out, get over jetlag, organize the trip pictures, etc, etc, etc.


3 thoughts on “Triumphant

  1. Welcome Back! I’m glad you all have some time to settle back into a routine before Devo has to return to work.

  2. 4 different times the stewardess..excuse me…flight attendant corrected you? What did you do???? Do they have time out on Delta? Perhaps she could have put you in it and done things “right”?????

  3. First, when she came to see who had vegetarian meals, she said there were orders only for three. We said, there should be one more. She said, in a rude and hand-slapping manner, that she has to look on another page and to be patient. (2) we were all sitting in three seats (both of us with a fussy child on our laps), but we had to move because there weren’t enough air bags for all of us – but mean (3) Lia had her head resting on the outside armrest, it was in their way … I don’t even remember what else. Woof.

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