Transition Day

Today was our Transition from Sabbatical to Real Life.  Technically Monday is part of our “weekend”, but we both are easing in (or getting a jump start, depending on your perspective).

Yesterday I wrote a Sabbatical Round Up, and it’s still sitting in my drafts folder because it is so inadequate.  But it might just have to do.  We’ll see if I feel inspired to revisit it later this week.  Otherwise, it’ll just be published with all of it’s inadequacies.

Tomorrow it all begins.  This evening I had great plans for my two hours after yoga (YOGA HOW I LOVE YOU), whilst Devo was playing tennis (DEVO HOW I LOVE YOU).  I was going to (a) start going through sabbatical pictures to purge, edit, and select for an album – but only while eating my requisite nightly four mandarins from Shelley and Sam’s tree.  Then I was going to (b) prepare calendars, contracts, info sheets for Children’s Choir, which starts on Wednesday, so that I wouldn’t have to try and type and concentrate while being the sole watcher of my children tomorrow.  And then I was going to (c) do a little googling to find some inspiration for things to do this week that will be adventuresome and learning-oriented.  And I was going to go to bed early, because I’m tired.

Instead, I worked on pictures, didn’t finish my last mandarin, and accidently deleted the folder where I had separated all the best sabbatical pictures.

So now it’s late, I have no idea what we are going to do tomorrow (other than work on the computer while my children run around like hooligans), while I prop my tired eyes open and blink often to moisten my contacts.

No, surely it won’t be that bad, that’s just the tiredness induced panic speaking.  I’ve already got the beans on to soak, so at least we’ll have food.  I’m trying baked beans for the first time.  Purchased molasses today, something that has never before been seen in my pantry.

Today, and this is important, today Lia sounded out, spelled, and wrote words all by herself for the very first time.  I had absolutely nothing to do with it…nothing even to do with the impulse.

She wrote ::



Which means:  To Lia.  Lia loves Mommy.

I see in my California curriculum standards for writing that she now can “use letter and phonetically spelled words to write” and “write by moving from left to right and from top to bottom.”

Guess we’ll have to wait for the ability to “write consonant-vowel-consonant words” to develop.  Haha.

I put my little love note in a photo frame on the fridge.  I’m so proud, I can hardly stand it.

In other learning news today (because Debbie wondered what happened to the lists…what happened is that I was recording it in my notebook, whenever I happened to remember to do it), the girls did a variety of things ::

  • rode bikes/trikes.  Lia is learning this week to ride her bike with training wheels, not the trike.
  • read books on Martin Luther King, Jr., runaway slaves, (so I’m a week late, so what.) US important places, and Yankee Doodle.
  • reading on their own
  • Lia practiced the piano.  She has recently figured out how to play songs by ear.  Her song today was from All Creatures of our God and King, the alleluia, alleluia part.
  • Walked half a mile to church.
  • Dried and put away dishes after each meal.

And other things that I can’t remember.  Luckily they still learn even when I don’t write down what they learned.

So tomorrow…grow carrot tops?


2 thoughts on “Transition Day

  1. I love your posts. I don’t always have anything to say because I’m so tired……but I hear ya and I feel ya and I love readin ya. And how cute that Lia loves ya and knows how to write it. I love it. Night.

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