And We’re Back…to work

Remember that scene in The Sound of Music where Maria comes out from behind the puppet theater and goes, “Whew!” and then leans against the wall.  (The director thought she had over exaggerated, but they ended up keeping the cut.)

That’s me.  Just more…limp.  And with messier hair.  And without all that sexy self-awareness in the presence of The Captain.

What a day.  I feel like I spent my whole day saying, “Wait!”.  Even with mad scrambling and relative efficiency, Amelie especially had a knack of always trying to get me to be one step ahead.  But I harbor no angst, especially after sweet bedtime kisses, followed by her singing her new favorite song —  I like to move it, move it.

Ridiculously cute.

Made baked potatoes and baked beans today.  Hopefully that means I don’t need to cook tomorrow…got a lot to do tomorrow, children’s choir is starting and I don’t have everything ready yet.  Mostly ready.  And, indeed, I could work on it tonight, but I’ve decided to relax and go to sleep before 9.  I think the extra sleep will do me better than spending an hour looking bleary-eyed at the computer screen trying to decide if I covered everything.

Levi has been banished to the living room.  Or, the dining room, to be precise.  Now that we are back home, the time had come for him to learn to sleep through the night.  I just couldn’t face the future without sleep.  Lots of crying the first night, and less with each consecutive night.

Ironically, the more sleep I get, the tireder I am.  Which is to be expected.  Whoever said there isn’t such a thing as a sleep deficit or catching up on sleep was wrong.  But, oh, it’s glorious to wake up and realize I’ve been asleep for three or four hours and have the luxury of just turning over and going back to sleep.

Unfortunately, his relocation to the dining room means that as soon as we put him to bed, we do a mad scramble to gather up anything we might need from the kitchen or living room.  Minus my computer.  Tonight I’m here with my four nightly tangerines, one mint milano (I feel that I deserve it tonight), my water, vitamins, laptop and cord.  I am congratulating myself on thinking ahead and uploading the pictures for the blog from my desktop computer before putting people to bed.  <pat, pat, pat>

  • ‘planted’ carrot tops.  Not sure I did it right, but hey, Lia’s hypothesis was that the denuded carrots were nonliving and wouldn’t grow.  So if they don’t grow, someone will be happy.
  • recorded our carrot top experiment in our new Nature/Science Scrapbook.  Lia wrote the title “carrot tops” and both girls drew pictures of what they look like today.  Lia also took a picture, to be printed and pasted on our page.
  • spent a long time working in the kindergarten workbook.  Various skills and subjects, including reading.
  • Reading time alone and with me reading : a book on the civil war, Benjamin Franklin, Yankee Doodle (again)
  • Rode bikes in the garage
  • washed, dried, and put away their own breakfast dishes, made their own bed

I’m totally inspired to read an adult level biography of Benjamin Franklin after reading the book with the girls today.  What a fascinating guy.


If I was a classroom teacher, I’d have all the materials for any project prepared beforehand.  But I never have any prep time to get things ready unnoticed (especially now that I’m shut into my bedroom after everyone goes to bed).  It’s spazzes me to say, “Let’s grow carrot tops!” or “let’s make bread!” and then have everyone hanging around, wandering off, jumping the gun, while I’m getting everything ready.  Be proactive, Leilani.  I’m going to try to prep for imminent projects when the girls are playing and only announce it when everything is ready.  Sounds simple enough.  But is it?


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