My 29th birthday has passed.  I wrote something about it, but it’s in the other room and if I get up from my chair, Levi will notice and stop playing happily, and that will be the end of my time on the computer.  So.  Later?

One of our family resolutions this year was to watch sporting finals together.  Like the Super Bowl.  Lovely resolution, don’t you think?    I napped through the first half, watched the exciting after half-time sideways kick, and that was it.  The girls were playing PBS kids, Levi was sleeping, Devo eventually left to watch the end at our neighbor’s house.  Wouldn’t want the internet streaming to flicker during those important, tension filled moments. (Anybody remember from the movie Amelie where she gets revenge on her neighbor by disconnecting the cable at crucial moments of the game?)

Well, we’ll try again next time.  Olympics?  (We also missed the tennis Australian final…Devo was the only one devoted enough to watch from 1-4am).

Today was the church Valentine’s social at the Spaghetti Factory.  The day of my public humiliation.  Remind me never to say yes to public humiliation.  We were one of three couples in the Not-so-Newlywed game.  And if I had known that it was basically like Apples to Apples, which I ALWAYS LOSE, then I would have known we had no chance of winning.  So we lost.  Rather spectacularly.  I think I’ll put this on our married life profile — loses couples games in spectacular and endearing fashion.

<big cheesy grin>

We had our offer on the house with the chicken coop accepted.  But we declined, chicken coop notwithstanding.  It was kind of wild having to actually make a decision beyond, yeah, I like that one.  You know, decisions like, can we pay for it? and do we really want to risk our children’s lives with a pool? We definitely made the right choice and both feel relieved. So, on to the next exciting episode.

GREAT NEWS, Levi is finally learning to SLEEP.  He slept 11 hours twice last week and decent intervals the other nights.  It’s so exciting to have evenings to myself, I’m not going to bed until late.  But that is stopping this week.  I’m going back to the straight and narrow.

Devo and I watched Julie and Julia last week.  Cute movie, until we googled the author and saw how her second book was a tell-all about the affair she had post-book.  Rather dispiriting.  But I was so inspired to cook.  And read Julia Child’s cookbook, something that has never interested me before.  French food, what is that?  So we had delicious bruschetta with tomatoes, just like in the movie, Friday night.  Oh. My. Yum.  (Ironically, that was the first meal all week that turned out tasting good.  Everything else I cooked was unusually yuck.)

I’ve also been practicing making omelettes like Julia Child.  Although I’m starting to feel really guilty about the butter.  But my technique is getting better.


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