Mommy Brain

Another manifestation of Mommy Brain (which is basically “scatterbrained for a reason (baby)”) ::

Today I took Levi out to the garage in his carseat.  I buckled in the girls.  I had unbuckled, lifted out, and carried Levi halfway around the car before I realized what I had done.  Um, well, I hope my neighbors weren’t looking.

Today, also, I took out my contacts, poured in the solution, and then turned over the holder (not the cap) and poured peroxide solution all over the floor.

Where, may I ask, is my brain?  It seems to have gone missing.


One thought on “Mommy Brain

  1. I heard on Dean O Dell tonight that the first 6 weeks after birth mommy’s brains are not real functional – ok he used different words – but basically unsafe drivers due to the exhaustion. Duh, unsafe about everything and since when does it clear up by 6 weeks!

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