Shhh, don’t wake up the baby.

Oh, yeah, never mind, he’s already awake. And I’m pretending to be a statue with my back turned to his poor, wailing little cries. Because, darn it, I thought he was asleep for sure and for certain and spent another five minutes on the computer. I should have just made a run for the bedroom. A quiet run.

Oh, man alive, this day has been loooong. This week has been looong. Actually, this week is just a continuation of last week. And being that it’s the Youth Retreat this weekend, this particular week never will end…it will just ooze into next week.

And it’s been full of small emotionally trying events. Such as today at the library where the felt board with the Mother Goose felts fell off of its little stand and hit Amelie on the head. She was so sweet, she just leaned over and put her head in Lia’s lap. You know, you take it all in stride as an ‘experienced mother’, but really, these things hurt my finer feelings. 🙂 Especially when it’s crazy full (school’s on break) and noisy and Levi is on the loose visiting all the kids (I had to let him go to hold Amelie), and for the first time ever, storytime is ending late. I finally whispered to my friend Andrea, “Abandon ship, abandon ship!” and shepherded my flock out to the car, not even waiting for “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Well, my knight has taken the boy off for a car ride so this is my big chance to make a run for it. Or a stagger for it. Which would be more accurate.


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