Been up to much

Rachel was lamenting that the Rachel of five years ago would be appalled at what the current Rachel does not accomplish (she has two little ones and is pregnant with number three…Abigayle, isn’t that sweet?).  I just saw that the picture of Devo and I on this blog is from our fifth anniversary.  As in, two years ago.

But if I got it all done today, what would there be left to do tomorrow?


(Rachel, I hear you!  More grace everyday!)

I did kind of mop the kitchen floor today.  When releasing the steam on my pressure cooker, it spurted all over (anybody know how to not make a mess doing this?).  I thought it was all on the stove and deck, but when Amelie came in to get the ketchup from the fridge (she was setting the table), she slipped on the big puddle on the floor and hit her head HARD.

What is it with me and head injuries?  Why can’t we do broken bones?

Of course, the food was just at the point where it needed to be lifted off the stove and out of the oven.  But instead we sat in a chair with a bag of frozen beans and calmed ourselves down (convinced my heart to stop going thump thump thump).  Soggy broccoli is much preferred to hospital run.

(The roasted yams, potatoes, and carrots with rosemary and garlic didn’t burn.  It was YUMMY.)

Lia entertained the squawking Levi, getting his food out of the fridge and feeding him.  Also deciding to put a glob of pureed vegetables on his tray, like we do with finger foods.  🙂  She was so helpful, my mommy heart went pitty pat. So I guess at this point it was really saying thump pitty pat thump pitty pat.

The point being that I flung a washcloth on the floor and swiped at the slippery puddle with my foot.  And managed to get a bunch of other spots at the same time.  That counts for kind-of-mopping, don’t you think?

Piano practicing is really going well.  I am amazed at how much Lia has learned in the last few weeks.  Her hand position and coordination have improved by leaps and bounds.  She spends what seems like hours picking out tunes she knows or making her own.  She can sightread her little pieces, first try.

Just in her piano practice alone, she is reading, writing, tracking from left to right, and learning math – counting, fractions.  We were laughing while playing a music game this week because I told her, Music is math you can hear, cooking is math you can eat!

Our weekend in the mountains went really well.  There was snow, but it wasn’t too cold.  And I had lots of help from our friends.  The kids and I enjoyed taking walks up and down the mountain and playing in the snow.

Valentine’s Day passed us by.  We thought we’d declare Monday another Valentine’s Day, but that one passed us by, too.  Too.  Tired.  Maybe we’ll try again next week.

I think it was Friday night that I was putting the girls to bed and told them that it was time to stop talking.  Amelie says, “But I love to talk.”  Very matter of fact.  I just about died trying not to laugh.

Amelie is in a new phase.  She is intensely involved in her inner landscape.  Which means that anything you say to her, you must make her repeat, or it will never penetrate through to her REAL reality.  She is always carrying on lots of imaginary play with whatever toys she has.  The more vocabulary she has, the more we find out what’s really going on in her little mind.

She is making her first forays into the world of arguing.  Anything I say (after I make her repeat it back) is followed by a “but…”.  She has also begun to tattletell, but I haven’t been able to explain what she’s doing well enough so that she can identify it and stop.  So, until then, we have a local police officer, morality director, and general gossiper.

I put Levi to bed in his crib in the girl’s room tonight.  I wanted some time on the computer.  And the freedom to have a snack. I have decided to try for regular naps (whether needed or wanted or not).  Today was fairly successful.  I’m aiming for an 11am nap and a 3pm nap.  Or somewhere in the general vicinity.

Children’s Choir is coming along.  We worked on Hallelujah Chorus tonight, in two parts.  And it was fairly successful.  I have some really good singers with good ears this year.

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning in the garden.  I’m trying to learn to garden the way I clean house – that is, do the more visible things first.  Or, as I kept saying to myself, “more bang for my buck”.  Interesting garden mantra, but it works.  Keeps me away from spending hours fiddling with minute weeds in a square foot of earth.

So now I’ve collected most of the toys that have languished all winter under dead plants, we’ve mowed and weedwhacked, scrubbed out the summer pool and relocated it to the garage, and pulled all the big milk weeds threatening to go to seed.

One bed is ready for swiss chard.  One I’m thinking seriously of making the herb bed…it’s easiest to access…but first I have to find places for all the strawberry babies that invaded it this fall.

Looking back, I’ve accomplished alot this week.  I sewed two beautiful toile covers for my big pillows.  The pillows have been sitting upstairs, uncovered, for two years.  And now they are beautiful and have been requisitioned as comfy seats for the play castle.  Someday they’ll make it to the living room.

I made a springy flower wreath for the front door.

Last week, I had the girls paint Valentine’s colors on pink paper and put the paintings in ‘their frames’.

And I did some other things, too, but I can’t remember them now. Not surprising.

Today was Ash Wednesday and now I’m thinking of Lent.  Late, as usual.  But better late than never.  Question, how to make it kid-understandable.


11 thoughts on “Been up to much

  1. accidently hit submit. What I was saying before I was rudely interupted by my computer, was, how do you know it’s Ash Wednesday when you don’t live on Guam? Give up rice and eat lots and lots of bread.

  2. um….”why can’t we have broken bones?”….do be careful what you ask for my dear. Abby does seem to prefer hitting her head on anything and everything in site as well. Maybe it’s something in the water? What brand do you drink?

  3. Very interesting. I love the part about piano lessons and cooking and math! Lia is impressing me. And the amount of things you’ve accomplished is impressive too. I’d like a spring flower wreath. That sounds so nice.

  4. Wow! How flattering to be included in your post. I agree with Laura. I like the analogies about music.
    I think that it’d be nice if I could list creative things done at the end of the week rather than, dishes, laundry, clean bathrooms, pick up toys zillions of times, cook meals etc.
    Something to strive for.

  5. Mom, you crack me up.

    Debbie, we drink tap water. PUR-ized. 🙂

    Laura and Rachel, you girls know how it goes with creative stuff – feast or famine!

  6. Good Leilani! We go to the water store and fill up our 5 gallon jugs for 1.25. I am sure they just use tap water with the PURE filter as well.

    Thanks for talking to me last night….needed an ear.

  7. The secret to opening a pressure cooker quickly without an explosion is to put it in the sink and run cold water over the top for a little while. The pressure will turn into a vacuum. At that point the pressure lid can be taken off safely.

  8. You’re right, the last time I saw a picture of the garage, you were posed like a pin-up on your hunk of a freezer. Still getting over my covetousness for that freezer.

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