Just to note, as I swore I’d give my carpal-tunnely arm a break tonight…

Lia read seven books today.  SEVEN!  Usually we la-la through one and get on to the next thing ASAP.  But something in these new books tickled her (maybe because they are new) and off she went.  She even began putting HER finger under each word to read it.

I’m so proud.

And Levi walked from his crib to the bed today, just let go and away he went, five little steps.  <sniff>  I’m not ready for him to be out of the cute crawling stage.

And since I’m talking about my genius children, Amelie has been reaping the benefits of Lia’s piano lessons.  Every day we play Go Fish or Memory with music flash cards and it’s just sooo cute to hear her say, “Mommy, do you have a bass clef?”  Dotted half note is equally cute.


2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. BAD carpel tunnel! Lia-amazing, Amelie-adorable, Levi–no way how do they grow up so quick??? I tried putting Abby in clothes that are too small…but she grew anyway. You’ll just have to have another one since these three insist upon growing up!

  2. Levi is leaving his crawling stage and Benjamin is just entering his. You’d think mine was the younger one… Benjamin is SOOO pleased with himself. And goes for the sippy cup every time. He loves water. Adorable. Of course, this has also lead to splashing in the puppy’s water bowl. I just laugh though, because it also means that he has come to enjoy bath times, by himself! Splashing, laughing, happy baby boy. Just the way bath time is supposed to be!

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