Usually I go for the Iron-Hand-in-the-Velvet-Glove approach at children’s choir.  But tonight, I had to show more of my true colors, the Mean Leilani.  No, it wasn’t that bad, it was just unusual.

After choir, there were some kids waiting for their rides home, running and wreaking havoc in the hallways.  BIG no-no in Leilani’s books.  But I had to speak pretty sternly and honestly.  Several times.  Using The Face.   (“I don’t like it when you argue with me.  Stop arguing and do what I ask you to do.”).  And they did – I feel that perhaps we are approaching an understanding of who is in charge of Children’s Choir.  (That would be me.)

But now, instead of remembering the great rehearsal, I feel – bleah.  What a great descriptor bleah is.  Bleah.

But we had such a great rehearsal.  Lia paid close attention and sang well.  We are making serious inroads in a difficult melisma.  The flow went well, no downtime.  My groups are more even than last week.  I acquired two new kids from a favorite family.  (Come to think of it, I think Lia was wearing hand-me-downs from them.)  I worked with the soloists afterwards and after a week of wondering if I made the right assignments, now I know that I did.  And I am so pleased at the natural ability of many of the singers – it makes rehearsals so much easier.  Even the quiet, shy ones are learning fast.

But now it’s the end of a busy day.

I’ve been on a streak of full and good days, which makes for good nights of sleep.

Devo is preaching this weekend, so he’s getting down to sermon crunch time.

I’m trying to decide how to utilize a gigantic and beautiful cabbage.

We didn’t read The Secret Garden today.  First day we’ve missed.

Lia finished learning her piece for group class next week – Mary Had a Little Lamb – and we do a wicked duet.  Amelie videoed it for us.

Amelie got out a long dowel (against the rules) and when I told her to put it away, she stuck it in her mouth length-wise (think dog with long, skinny bone) and then tried to walk through the doorway.  Ow.

Been picking weed prickles out of my skin since yesterday.

OH, BIG NEWS!  Today we played with cuisinaire rods and Lia wrote her first math sentences.  1 +1+1=3, 2+1=3, 1+2=3  Neat!


4 thoughts on “

  1. I feel your pain on the weed stickers….

    Mean Leilani…no such thing!

    Yeah Lia! Yeah good days! Yeah good nights!

    Devo should preach about the importance of balance!

  2. Ta-ta, no title, I missed this post in my feed.

    Math sentences already? I’m super impressed. Tim is even MORE.

    What did you do with the cabbage? Mine still sits in the fridge. Maybe cabbage rolls??? That would be a good German thing to do.

    Poor Amelie — I guess that punishment fit the crime. 😦 Natural consequences at their best.

    I want to see the video of your duet!

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