Magic Flute

I shouldn’t be here.  My mouse arm is giving me fits – not helped by over-exuberant 3 hour shoveling session on Sunday.  This right arm is a really useful thing – need it for just about everything.

But I’m here.  I still hear squeaking from Amelie’s room, so I have to delay my evening plans until she goes to sleep.  Downside of napping.

Had a fit of inspiration this week to try and utilize all of the decor/frames that are just sitting around.  Unfortunately a bunch of the frames need some wood glue, and that is a task that takes patience and time.  Patience and time and a sleeping baby.  But I did manage to put up two pictures and create a (rather too crowded) display on the one flat surface that children can’t reach.

Saturday night I took Lia to see the university’s production of the Magic Flute.  We’ve been reading the story and listening to the music since before going to Guam, so I was very excited to find out that this year’s opera was none other than – The Magic Flute.  And, to add to the pleasure, The First Lady was one of my former students…I was her first voice teacher in 7th grade and take a lot of the credit for opening up her world to include classical singing.

But even more than that, way back when – when I was in college here – I was Pamina in The Magic Flute.  My one starring role in an opera.  So it was really neat to take my little girl.

And I’m very proud of myself, I didn’t feel jealous or condescending or critical at all.  I just had a great night and enjoyed everything. I did think, though, that if I had known in college that that was the last/only time I would get to do some of these things, I might have approached it differently.  But, thinking back to how swamped I was with my quarterly load of 22+ credits and working…I probably wouldn’t have – survival was of upmost importance back then.

Still is, come to think of it.  🙂  HAha.

Lia managed to stay awake through the whole thing – all three hours, even with it starting at her bedtime.  She already knew the story and could recognize which aria goes with which character, so there wasn’t half as many questions as I anticipated.  On our way to the car afterwards she said, “It made me sleepy.”

She got to meet Pamina (a friend), First Lady (aforementioned), and (how exciting), Papageno, her favorite character.  Made my evening, too, as Papageno was played by a teacher who had started teaching there right before I graduated.  And he remembered my name.  That really ‘tickled me pink’.  I don’t know why, but it did.

It was the first concert I’ve gone to since Lia was born.  Five years and no live music.  When the overture started, I was just overcome with how different music is when it doesn’t come out of speakers but comes out of people.  And to think that there was a point in life when I took that for granted.


2 thoughts on “Magic Flute

  1. This is amazing to read. I LOVE how you are sharing your passions with your daughter. So cool. And incredible all the things that made the evening meaningful, from a former student to a teacher who recognized you. 🙂 Motherhood certainly changes things, but I’m glad you are keeping little smidgens of musical passion alive. And sharing it with your family too.

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