Month of Silence

The month of computer silence (with only occasional chirps on facebook) is over.  My last post mentioned a sore arm – brought on by an unfortunate mouse/keyboard height and an over exuberant session of hoeing in the garden.  It is only now starting to feel good enough to try out a session of typing.

So, let’s see, what happened in the last month?

Levi started walking, for sure and for certain.  About three weeks ago.

My mom, sister, Grandma, and Grandpa arrived for Grandpa’s medical testing at Loma Linda.  Turns out that the spots on the scan are the same spots that were on his scans 10 years ago.  In other words, no problemo, breathe a huge sigh of relief, HOORAY!

But, unfortunately, right after that Grandpa came down with a bad case of bronchitis.  He’s recovered now, but for a number of days, the whole household was at a standstill while he was so sick.

The first week the family was here, my cousin Jeff and his girlfriend Karin drove down from Washington to visit during their Spring Break.  They stayed down the road with my aunt, and spent days here with us.  Fun times.  It’s so, so, gratifying to have your children bond with your extended family.

A week or so before everyone arrived, Lia went through a night-waking phase.  The first night or two, she was ‘scared’.  But after that, she just wanted someone to come in and cuddle with her.  All the time.  She was waking up 5, 6, 7 times a night, crying and crying.  And sure enough, as soon as one of us went in to her, she stopped crying and was happy as a clam.  Until you got up to go back to bed, and then she would wake herself up and the whole rigamarole would start again.

I was baffled as to what to do.  Where was the line between being sensitive and not letting her just muff around and milk the situation?  I think I did a pretty good job of doing both things – which is saying alot, being that night after night after night gets a little…trying.  But, hey, who doesn’t remember being scared at night at some point during their childhood?

I was so relieved that it only lasted a few weeks.  But let me tell you, that first week or so that my family was here was pretty wild at night.

See, the kids room is right next to the guest bathroom.  (We had moved Levi out of the living room and into the girls room a week before The Arrival.) So this is how the nights went —

Levi wakes up and cries.  By the time he finishes crying and goes back to sleep, everybody is awake and  someone decides that they need to go to the bathroom.  Flush.  Levi wakes up.  Levi cries.  Lia cries.  Amelie cries.

It got old.  Fast.  Finally Lia stopped waking up and Levi got relocated into our bedroom where there are only two people to make noise.

And then Amelie caught the cold and any squeaks that Levi made (in our room) were enough to wake her up and … cry.

So now, Levi and I are the only ones left on this vicious cycle of wake up and cry.  He wakes me up, I cry.  🙂  <sigh>  Back to square one.  Well, he’d better enjoy it, because come three weeks from now and it’s back to the straight and narrow.

And that ends this episode of the Sleep Saga.

March 27 was Amelie’s 3rd birthday.  And also my children’s choir “Easter Messiah for Young Voices”.  It went really well…not as well as the last rehearsal.  The last rehearsal was so good, I went home shaking my head.  And, sure enough, it was a bit like pulling teeth to get them to give energy during the performance.  But they did very very well, and I was very very pleased.

I looked down towards the end of the concert to find that Lia had kicked off her shoes and was singing barefoot.  Then, when she felt things were coming to an end, she put them back on again.  Watching the video of her was so hilarious.  She was sleepy, and with the “ha” of the hallelujah’s, she would yawn.  So cute.

We celebrated Amelie’s birthday on Sunday in the garden.  We put on pretty dresses, curled hair, painted nails, made a strawberry and cream cake with croissant sandwiches.  We also made ladybugs out of strawberries and grapes on skewers with mini chocolate chips for the eyes and dots.  We had bought a container of real ladybugs, 1500 it said, and the girls let them go in the garden.  There were ladybugs all over!  The perfect birthday finished off with a game of baseball with her new baseball and bat from Grandma Patti.

Last Sabbath was our big Easter program.  Devo and I started calling it our “baby” – it had been nine months in the planning.  And it was brilliant.  Just brilliant.  A perfect day.

Easter Sunday wasn’t real exuberant after Saturday’s excitement.  We took all the candy out the eggs the girls had gotten at Sabbath lunch and had two or three more egg hunts in the back yard.

Now that Levi can walk, he’s been rediscovering his talking.  He wakes up in the middle of the night and ‘talks’.  We’ve also been doing some baby sign language with him and he loves it.  His face just lights up when you understand him.  I think it was yesterday that he did the sign for ‘more’ all by himself.  Now he thinks he’s just the biggest boy that ever was.  He also said his first sentence today – “Ma, night night.”  I can take a hint!

Amelie has been developing musically the last week or so.  She has started playing with her fingers, one at a time, and picking out tunes.  The second tune she discovered was “alleluia” from Michael W. Smith’s Agnus Dei – which was the thematic song for Easter.  She can also do the drop-slur exercise that Lia is learning in lessons.

Lia’s piano class was at the church this week, and the kids got a tour of the organ.  She played her piece, Joyful Joyful, on the organ with Dr. Rodriguez.  The first time she played it through, she played it by herself and kind of stumbled through it.  Then we convinced her to play it with the accompaniment – and look at the results.  Can you believe this music is coming out of my little daughter?


4 thoughts on “Month of Silence

  1. First of all — you stole my strawberry ladybugs!! Actually, they were Tim’s idea. And we are happy to share with you. =) Sounds like such a fun party.

    Second — we watched Lia on the organ more than five times. And almost shed real tears. So inspiring! So incredible. I love music.

    I laughed about the yawning hallelujahs and sighed with you when reading about your wakeful nights.

    We are all very glad to see you back online! Be careful with that arm and don’t waste your energy hoeing when you could be blogging!!! ;p LOL

  2. Wow! So much is going on. We still aren’t walking. Some talking…but no sentences. Lots of joy though. 🙂

  3. Did you do strawberry ladybugs and I forgot? I just did a google search for ladybug parties and that was what I found! And to think, I could have gotten all the fun of doing something that you had done! Rats.

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