Clothes Shopping

I forgot to mention that Levi also sprouted three teeth during the Month of Silence.  With another one appearing this week, and I greatly suspect two more are on the way.  (Hmmm, he bit me everytime I fed him the other day, what’s my big clue?)

All three of the kids are in the middle of huge growth spurts.  Levi hasn’t grown into his head yet, all of Lia’s dresses have turned into mini skirts (at least she’s up on the latest style), and Amelie’s face has changed so much I’ve started doing her hair differently.

My uncle and aunt are here to visit Grandma and Grandpa (and the rest of us, incidentally – hooray!).  Things are pretty busy – or pretty constant.  Some days it seems like all we do is practice the piano, prepare and eat three meals, and grocery shop.  But that’s not entirely true.  We have also played alot of music and learning games, there are always laps available for reading books, and we’ve planted a lot in the garden.  But the rest of the time we cook and eat.  Good. Food.

My family is on the countdown until they go – the last hurrah, the last get-togethers with friends in the area.  We’ve tried to schedule in all the favorite restaurants, favorite stores, favorite people.  We’ll see if we actually follow through and make our manicotti from scratch (including the ricotta), if we play canasta with Devo, if we get out to my favorite home decor store, if we finish clothes shopping.

Mom, Liana, and I spent a few hours at the mall this week, ostensibly clothes shopping.  Actually, we ended up scoping out the scene and planning our attack.  We did try on clothes at Ann Taylor Loft.  I discovered that shirts that have elastic at the waist are not for me, no matter how cute they are.  We came home with no clothes, but a nice pair of shoes for me.  HEELS.  The first nice shoes I’ve purchased (well, actually Mom purchased them, thanks Mom!) since either Lia was an infant or before that when I was attending USC.  That’s a long time.

But I’ve done all of my fashion research – the principles of the matter – and I am prepared to make good clothes choices. So hopefully we’ll go out again.  Courage!  Sally forth!


3 thoughts on “Clothes Shopping

  1. Very interested to hear what you have learned in your research of fashion principles. Do share! And maybe a picture of the new Amelie face? 🙂

  2. My mom and I went clothes shopping on Thursday too! I spent a ridiculous amount of money – mainly because I don’t have any clothes that fit properly. I also got a suit for interviews (screening interview was Friday) and a VERY cute pair of shoes (heels!) that went with it. And will also go wonderfully with summer church dresses. I cut Benjamin’s hair. It is too short…but at least it isn’t in his eyes. And it will grow, I keep telling myself. 2 more weeks of school – 3 major assignments to finish. I can do it.

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