Levi’s First Birthday

One year ago today, we were enjoying that miraculous first day with our baby boy.  I was walking around with barely a straddle and planning my eminent return to yoga.  The girls, after staying awake most of the night as happy as clams, were reacting predictably to minimal sleep and much excitement.  Devo was buzzing here and there taking care of absolutely everything.

It really was a great birth, the most enjoyable of the three.  I listened most of the labor to a track I’d gotten from my yoga teacher, and now when she plays it in class, I’m instantly transported back to that candlelit night, the gentle labor with my little family plus Marni, Karen, and Beth.

I didn’t go through a period of ‘getting to know’ Levi like I did with my other babies.  Who I felt his presence to be in utero was precisely who he was in person.  Still is, in fact.  Sweet, warm, funny, cuddly.  I’m just head over heels in love with this small boy.

As of today, his first birthday he can ::

crawl, walk, climb stairs, explore drawers and cupboards, make messes, fish in toilets, unravel entire rolls of toilet paper.

He can say mama, papa, Liana (‘nana), grandpa, bye-bye, banana, night-night (which sometimes just means ‘milk, please’, not necessarily ‘sleep’) and hot (he stuck his hands in icy water and said, ‘hot’) .

He can make the signs for more, all done (this one he does with vigor), and up.

He’s got a bag full of tricks now – on command he will say and do things, including blowing kisses, touching his nose (I woke up this morning to him touching first my nose, then his nose, then my nose, then his nose), touching his ears, playing pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.

He’s a funny little buggy, and he knows it.  He’s quite a teaser, and loves to laugh.


One thought on “Levi’s First Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday dear nephew! I’m sorry it is a day late. You’ll have to teach your cousin some of these tricks of yours! 🙂

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