Back to … normal

My calendar for Monday said “FAMILY LEAVES”.  Mom penciled in, “chaos ends, loneliness begins”.  I really should go back and blog about the last five weeks, but I’m tired out and feeling unadventurous and I know that if I wait until I do that, I’ll never never sit down to blog.  So, tally ho and all that.

And now we are back to … getting back to normal.  Or trying to.  Trying being an operative word these days — many things are trying.  Trying my patience, for example.  🙂

I’m  just spending this week trying (there it is, again) to get my house back in order again.  What a mess.  We’re also trying to get our children back in order again.

And Levi has said goodbye to the good days of waking up three, four, five, six, seven times a night and is in the girls room all by his lonesome.  The girls are temporarily sleeping on our bedroom floor whilst the baby boy relearns to sleep through the night.  Ironically, now that he has the space to cry all he wants, he’s only woken up once each night.

But I’m not complaining.


One thought on “Back to … normal

  1. ahh yes… the joys of setteling back in to…. routine. “normalcy.”
    Nathan has a real rough time sleeping when other people are in the room with him. He also has a really tough time when company comes and we have to move him out of his room to make a place for the guests. We typically put his crib in our room. But hardly a whisper will wake him from his slumber. It’s really rough. It sounds like you all just have one room for all three kids? that’s a tough situation! Because, it sounds like your little guy is alot like my little man in the sleep dept!
    I think that, even though the guest room/nathan’s room is attached to the bathroom, we may start putting guests in Hannah’s room when they come. she is much easier to transition onto the floor in our room. doesn’t faze her a bit. Nathan, on the other hand, well… you know all about it! and he usually ends up in OUR bed, kicking us the rest of the night or trying to sleep on our heads! LOL. yeah, but not funny at 1 a.m.!!!
    good luck!

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