at the end of the day….

I was thinking at yoga (yoga + thinking = no-no) that I would come home and write about how much better things went with the kids today.  The last few days have been so intense, with so very little listening and responding and so much sneaking and meannesses.  But today we seemed on an even keel, comparatively.  And then I got home to see that the four dishes from dinner (PBJ, baby!) were still sitting on the counter unwashed, and my heart fell.  Sure enough, it had been a rough bedtime for Devo and the kids.  So lookee, I didn’t even get a chance to ‘speak too soon’…I guess I just thought too soon.

At least, at LEAST we are not having a repeat of Lia’s night-time scaries that she had for a few weeks before the Fam came.  Ugh, that was miserable.  But because of that, the last seven or so weeks have conditioned the girls to expect someone to sit with them while they are going to sleep.  Devo and I are so done with that.  Time to get back to happy bedtimes and sleeping through the night.


The lame thing is that we actually have like 5 rooms to put people in.  Three bedrooms on the bottom floor, and then a loft and an extra room upstairs.  But with the layout of the house, there is only one bedroom we’re comfortable putting the kids in.  So there you have it – bedtime sardines.

I really should rename this blog “the account of how we are or are not sleeping”.

In news from the happier part of the day, Lia finished her first piano book today.  We’ve been really booking on through – a unit a week – and we were both very excited to reach this first big milestone.  She also learned her entire piece for the upcoming spring recital this week.  It is two hands, playing together in parts, and on the grand staff – and she was able to understand and read the notes.  She really has an amazing grasp on sight-reading – even in her books she usually plays the pieces through correctly on the first read.  This is amazing to me as I played mostly by ear and finger numbers for years (“Teacher, can you play it once for me?”) before really getting started on sight-reading.

Amelie is soaking up almost as much as Lia.  She sits (wiggles) on my lap while we practice.  She does Lia’s exercises in her own three year old way – the wrist technique of down-up is especially cute.  And she is picking out more and more tunes by ear.

I’m just very proud.  And I’m very proud of myself.  We have practiced probably 30 minutes or more five to six days a week since the end of January – and then sat down to play some music games I have from the years when I taught lessons.  Devo often walks in and makes comments like, “You’re still practicing?” or “You’re not done yet?”.

I take this as a compliment.

In other news, I think that the majority of the clutter has been put away and what hasn’t been put away has been neatly stacked upstairs and is awaiting my leisure.  We are hosting a baby shower here on Sunday, so that’s keeping me on the straight and narrow and focusing on what really needs to be done (yes, the laundry room closet is not a top priority).  I’m currently discouraged, despite my efforts today with my handy new steaming tools (thanks Mom!) – there is just still so much to be done before Sunday.  And I’ve been working so hard.

So, I think I’m going to go drown my sorrows in another PBJ (I didn’t get to finish dinner before yoga), the last of the oranges, and maaaaybe a glass of ovaltine with a chocolate dipped biscotti. But what about entertainment? (Devo’s playing tennis – that’s our exercise routine…I go to yoga while he watches the kids, he goes to tennis while I watch the kids).  Should I read Anne of the Island or watch a movie?

I’m sure things will look cheerier after all that.  And if they don’t I’ll take a bath and crawl into bed.  Maybe I should do that anyway.


One thought on “at the end of the day….

  1. The girls are going to come around soon. You amaze me…you know that? I am so proud of you! I don’t tell you enough how much I love you. Even across an entire state you have the ability to make me feel loved and you have no idea how much I appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you!

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