This week in Children’s Choir, Katie had her hand raised.

“Yes, Katie?” I asked.

Eagerly she announces, “I have lice!”

And I immediately turn the conversation to other, more musical, topics.

In the back of my mind I’m thinking, Now, I know Katie’s mom and she would not send Katie to choir if she could infect others with lice. As I surreptitiously scratch.

Maggie, one of my friends who’s daughter is in choir, and I laughed about it afterwards.  And scratched.

Oh, please, don’t let my children get lice, I think.  Katie, herself, told me that the worst part is that you have to wash the sheets every day.

But I brush my paranoia aside.  And resist the urge to scratch.

And then, Sabbath morning, I’m combing Lia’s hair when I see something.  I give a little gasp, and lean closer, eyes dilating.  Small, nit-like objects close to her scalp.

And just before I panic, I remember … oh, yes, we went to the beach yesterday.  It’s sand, not lice.


2 thoughts on “Lice

  1. you know there are SAND LICE….hahahahha…well there are! Okay I am freaked out by the little critters myself.

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